Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Bai Jin Yi’s strangeness


The person in the tree disappeared.

Although it had only been an instant, Ye Yu Xi recognized that person.  Feeling the person in the tree disappear, she also felt her slender waist being held by a pair of arms.  Ye Yu Xi reacted immediately and sent out an elbow, flying out with lightning like momentum at Bai Jin Yi behind her.


Bai Jin Yi stretched out a hand to stop Ye Yu Xi’s elbow like normal, but this time was different.  Ye Yu Xi’s previous attacks couldn’t make Bai Jin Yi move at all, but this time her attack had actually made Bai Jin Yi’s palm tremble slightly.

Even with Bai Jin Yi understanding he had underestimated her, it still made Bai Jin Yi surprised.  He asked in a strange voice, “You’ve consolidated your foundation!”

Ye Yu Xi broke free of Bai Jin Yi’s embrace and angrily glared at him as she said in a cold voice, “You knew my foundation was unstable before, why didn’t you tell me!”

Bai Jin Yi was also looking at Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful and slightly angry face before revealing a slightly helpless smile, “There are some things that if you know, you will face them.  Just like the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, if you know its use, would you be willing to remain ordinary?”

Ye Yu Xi clenched her fist and the anger in her face did not decrease at all.  She said in a very angry voice, “I’ll kill you one day!” After saying this, Ye Yu Xi turned around and went to look for the Purple Thunder Monkeys for afternoon training.

Bai Jin Yi stood there watching Ye Yu Xi angrily stomp off, revealing a confident smile.  He sniffed the residue fragrance on his fingertips and said in his heart: If you really wanted to kill me, you would have made your move on that mountain that night.


Forgetting Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s side for now.

The fatty and Qing’er had been rushing for half a day, finally arriving at Ningyuan City.

They had only taken a few steps into the city before the fatty’s stomach gurgled from hunger.  The two of them first found a restaurant to eat lunch first.

When they were waiting for the dishes, the fatty spoke to Qing’er beside him, “Qing’er, don’t you feel that something is wrong?”

Qing’er looked at the fatty and shook her head, “No, aren’t all restaurants like this?  What’s wrong?”

The fatty looked at the people eating around them before moving his head beside Qing’er and whispering, “They seem to be discussing something new.”

“Is that so?”  Qing’er also looked around them and didn’t find any abnormalities.

“Wait for me, I’ll go ask around.”  The fatty put down the teacup in his hand and moved towards a table of customers.

The fatty confidently moved in front of the table to greet them, “Hello big brothers.  I can see that everyone is discussing something, can you tell me what big matter has happened in Ningyuan City lately?”

“You don’t know?”  These people looked at the fatty with a strange expression.  The entire Ningyuan City was talking about this, but this brat actually didn’t know!

The fatty honestly nodded.

“Two days ago, the Spiritualist Guild sent out a piece of news, there was an assassin mercenary group named Blood Enchantress that was formed.  There hasn’t been anyone that dared to form an assassin mercenary group in several decades, but this day it’s unknown who has eaten leopard balls to have the guts to form an assassin mercenary group.  In just a few days, there have been several pieces of news about this.” A large mouthed middle aged man explained everything to the fatty.

The fatty deliberately looked very shocked as he looked at the middle aged man, “Assassin mercenary group?  This really is strange.”

“The strange thing comes later!”  The large mouthed middle aged man threw a peanut into his mouth before continuing to explain to the fatty, “After a mercenary group is formed, they would take one-two large missions to create prestige and fame for themselves, but this Blood Enchantress hasn’t taken a single mission!  Don’t you think this is strange? Everyone in the city is wondering if it was made by a large family’s young master for fun to play a joke on everyone!”

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