Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Dark Poison God’s Art

There were no impenetrable walls in the world, once these trump cards of hers were known by others…..Ye Yu Xi took in a breath.  She had to gain enough strength before others set their eyes on her!

She looked down to continue reading the «Dark Poison God’s Art».  Although this was a poison cultivation technique, it was still a Heaven Grade Cultivation Technique.  As long as the cultivation method did not touch Ye Yu Xi’s bottom line, she could still consider cultivating it.  Same things in different people’s hands would have different meanings.


It was actually cultivation through devouring!

Looking at the cultivation method, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.  This «Dark Poison God’s Art» was not a complete cultivation technique, but rather it was a kind that could grow.  It would be at the Middle Profound Grade at the beginning, not too low or too high, but it could advance by devouring resources or things with spirituality.

Ye Yu Xi continued reading and she felt a bit awkward.

This cultivation technique could advance grades through swallowing things, but it wrote “devouring Strange Flames, Dragon Blood, Phoenix Feathers, and other heavenly treasures of the same level would allow one to advance the grade…..”

If it wasn’t for the fact that this cultivation technique was written on dragon skin, Ye Yu Xi would have deemed it a lie!  The things written on it were mainly things people had only heard of. Not to mention refining them, they hadn’t even seen them before!

Un?  There’s still another method?

Perhaps it was because the creator knew that these heavenly treasures were too rare to find and even required one to have a very large chance, which normal people could not find at all, so they decided to think of a second method.  However, the second method still made Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.

It was to devour the cultivation of other cultivators, turning a hundred percent of it into one’s own cultivation.  Or one could devour the brains of newborn infants which would have the same effect. Accumulating a small amount into a large amount and with the increase of one’s strength, perhaps there will be a chance of evolving.

Seeing this, there was a deep disgust in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  Although she was the assassin king in the previous world and killed countless people, she still had her principles.  She only killed people who deserved to die and to kill newborn infants to advance her own power, Ye Yu Xi could only say that this master could not do it!

Thinking it over, Ye Yu Xi still decided to cultivate this cultivation technique.  It was impossible for her to devour the brains of newborn infants, but she could test her luck with the first method.  After all, she had met the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng and the Divine Beast, what if she was lucky again?

After deciding to cultivate the cultivation technique, Ye Yu Xi put it back into the Space Ring.  With another flash from her hand, the other two items came out of the Space Ring.

It was a stone and a map.

Ye Yu Xi first looked over the stone and didn’t find anything strange about it.  However, when she used her spiritual technique to investigate it, it couldn’t enter it at all and was rebounded by some strength.  After failing several times, she just gave up.

She opened the map.

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes.  This map, it seemed a bit familiar……

The auction!

Ye Yu Xi was shocked.  When she bought the Strange Flame Map at the Primary Martial Auction Hall, it was an incomplete map, but it did record a Strange Flame.  The contents of the map she had now was the same as that one!

Ye Yu Xi quickly took out the half map she bought from the chaotic space.  Comparing them in her hand, putting them together formed a single map!

The goddess of luck came to Ye Yu Xi once again.  When she was thinking about where to find heavenly treasures to cultivate the «Dark Poison God’s Art» with, she obtained news on the Strange Flame in the blink of an eye!

Ye Yu Xi’s disappointment from before was swept away and she was in a good mood.

She looked up into the sky.  Ye Yu Xi wanted to look into the sky, but inadvertently she met someone’s gaze.  There seem to be someone in the tree looking down at Ye Yu Xi!

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