Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Call your manager out

“Your Primary Martial Auction Hall treats guests like this?”  Qing’er called out injustice for her young miss.


The middle aged man slapped the table and he bounced out of the chair, “Do you two really think you are guests wearing those shabby cloaks?  Let me tell you, I’ve seen many people like you! You don’t have much on you and you come here to cause trouble. Someone come in!” Which one of those people selling things weren’t polite, this young girl actually dared to say something like this.

Hua la!

The two guards carrying blades outside came in, “Manager Zhao!”

“These two cheap women are here to cause trouble, throw them out!”  The middle aged man known as Manager Zhao waved his hand and displayed a very dominating appearance.

“Yes!”  The two guards moved towards Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er.

Ye Yu Xie’s eyes under the cloak looked at the two guards.  She gave a snort from her nose as she looked at these two clowns!


Manager Zhao and the two guards only saw the cloak move as Ye Yu Xi’s figure disappeared from her original position.

Putong!  Putong!

Ye Yu Xi turned around behind the guard and two hands chopped down on the back of the guards’ necks.


The sabre at one guard’s waist was pulled out by Ye Yu Xi.

With one hand supported against the table and one hand holding the blade, Ye Yu Xie’s entire body jumped over the table.

She appeared instantly behind Manager Zhao.  She kicked the inside of Manager Zhao’s knees and he fell to the ground.

“Young miss, good hit!”  Qing’er ran beside the fainted guard and kicked as she shouted, “You still dare take out your blade!  I’ll telling you to draw your blade, draw your blade!”

“Call out your manager!”  The blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand was pressed against Manager Zhao’s neck.

Manager Zhao did not fear the cold blade at his neck at all.  He wanted to stand up, but the blade pressed him down.

“Let me go!  Do you know who I am!  Father is the Zhao Manor’s…..Ah~~”

Ye Yu Xi cleanly slashed the blade against Manager Zhao’s legs.

Manager Zhao no longer had the same backbone as before as he shouted in a heart rending voice, “Someone, quickly come~~I’m about to lose my life!  Someone!”

Dong, dong!  Dong, dong! Dong, dong, dong!

A series of footsteps sounded in the auction hall.  In less than two minutes, the appraisal room was surrounded by several dozen guards.


The auction hall’s second floor.

“Young master, there is someone causing trouble in the appraisal room!”  Housekeeper Qiu in charge of managing the daily operations of the auction hall immediately reported to Mo Tian Chou.

Putting down the teacup in his hand, Mo Tian Chou’s brows tightly knit, “Go take a look first.  If it’s the same riff raff as before, just take care of it.”

Watching Housekeeper Qiu leave, Mo Tian Chou said to himself, “There’s another problem.  The people sent by the seventh prince have been making their move more frequently…..”

Inside the first floor’s appraisal room.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the guards tightly blocking off the door from inside the appraisal room.  She was not worried about these people charging in because although she wasn’t used to using the blade, just her hands were enough to ensure that these people were of no threat to her.

“Move aside!”  Housekeeper Qiu’s voice was not loud, but it was full of strength.

The group outside the door separated and Housekeeper Qiu walked into the appraisal room.

Housekeeper Qiu thought that the people who came to cause trouble were hard to catch large men, but he found these two people wearing shabby cloaks instead.  Seeing the slender figures under the cloak, they seemed to be two girls.

Not being able to see Ye Yu Xi’s appearance, Housekeeper Qiu’s heart became more vigilant.  His body released ice attributed spiritual qi as a faint aura was released. He spoke in a low and deep voice as he cupped his hands towards Ye Yu Xie, “These two guests, are you here to wreck our Primary Martial Auction Hall!”


When Housekeeper Qiu released his aura, Ye Yu Xi knew that he was an expert, but so what?

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh, not being affected by the temperature drop in the room at all, “We didn’t at first, but now I wouldn’t mind wrecking this place!”

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