Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: You have a better method?

“Humph, humph, only so-so, it’s just an undeveloped chaotic space.  With this little girl’s bit of talent, if there isn’t the help of this dragon master, she wouldn’t be able to fully grasp this chaotic space in her life.  However, that bird of her’s isn’t bad, just a bit stupid.” The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s face was filled with disdain.

Bai Jin Yi and the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng kept talking on and off in the tree and half a day quickly passed.

On Ye Yu Xi’s side, there was no idleness for that half a day.  Their clothes were covered in sweat, but they were still far off from their goal.

There was no other way, the little monkey the fatty chased before couldn’t even compare to the adult Purple Thunder Monkeys.  The adult Purple Thunder Monkeys were incredibly fast, moving like purple thunder at their full speed, just like their names.

Ye Yu Xi’s group were all panting as they sat on a rock and the Purple Thunder Monkeys who had trained with them didn’t break a single sweat.  The difference in speed between the two groups were too great!

Bai Jin Yi and the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng sat in the tree without moving, talking in low voices for a while.

“Brat, you’re not planning to help her?  That little girl’s temper isn’t good and her foundation isn’t solid.  With how she’s cultivating, at most she’ll reach the ninth spiritual level, but she will still only be able to run errands for others on the Purple Cloud Continent.  If you want her to reach your level, it is almost impossible.” The legendary ninth spiritual level of the Ice Mist Country to the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was just like trash, nothing worth mentioning.

A thought filled look flashed in Bai Jin Yi’s dark eyes, did he really need to help her?  In this small Ice Mist Country, being in the ninth spiritual level was enough to fight the royal family and dominate the other side.  To her, perhaps this was a good lifestyle…..

After thinking about it for a minute, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were filled with determination.  With his understanding of Ye Yu Xi, this little girl with a body filled with killing intent would certainly walk through the entire Purple Cloud Continent, she would not be willing to remain ordinary!

He jumped out of the tree and slowly floated down.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s voice rang out behind Bai Jin Yi, “I wish you luck~~”

But Bai Jin Yi could not understand.

“Bai Jin Yi!  I was looking for you.”  Ye Yu Xi was taking a simple break and saw Bai Jin Yi walking over.

Bai Jin Yi was stunned, but he immediately reacted with a gentle smile, “You want to talk to be able the little boy, right!”

Gezhi, gezhi.

Ye Yu Xi flexed her fingers as if she would attack at any moment, “First clearly explain to me why he said that you were my husband!”

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi gritting her teeth and could understand what the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng meant by wishing him luck……

“This, let me talk to you slowly about this…..”  Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi came to an isolated place and clearly told her everything that happened.  Of course it was mainly about the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng and as for matters about the Purple Cloud Continent, Bai Jin Yi did not plan on telling Ye Yu Xi about it too early.

“There are still only three months before your family’s competition.  With your method, even if you train for a year, you won’t be able to catch the Purple Thunder Monkeys.”  Bai Jin Yi began to “guide” Ye Yu Xi’s training method.

Ye Yu Xi had noticed this in the morning’s training, she had still underestimated the Purple Thunder Monkey’s speed.  An adult Purple Thunder Monkey was filled with vital energy, especially after their mutation. If she could break through another realm and reach the seventh spiritual level, perhaps she could barely keep up with the Purple Thunder Monkeys.

“Do you have a better method?”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was still cold, but her appearance was much amicable.  

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