Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Tragedy of the forest king

“Only a fool would let you take a bit!”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng turned to run, cursing while running: I know I am handsome, but this dragon master has lived for seven thousand years and this is my first time seeing such a dumb bird.

A chase of “eat or be eaten” occurred in the chaotic space.


Bai Jin Yi carried Ye Yu Xi for an entire hour and had finally reached the mountain ridge.


There was an old tiger in front of Bai Jin Yi.  The old tiger’s claws and fangs were glowing with spiritual energy.  It was in the fifth spiritual level and was equal to the king of the forest, but this old tiger was feeling very depressed right now.  Just a few hours ago, it had been scared off by the group of monkeys and its stomach was still hungry now.

“Roar!”  The old tiger roared at Bai Jin Yi again.  It hoped that Bai Jin Yi would fall down in fright like the cultivators he had encountered before, saving him quite a bit of effort, but Bai Jin Yi’s reaction completely destroyed his hope.

Bai Jin Yi was holding Ye Yu Xi and walking in the silent forest.  When he was enjoying this relaxing experience, there was a problem that had to come out.

He looked down at the sleeping Ye Yu Xi, it was a good thing the old tiger’s roar did not wake Ye Yu Xi.  Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s peaceful sleeping appearance, Bai Jin Yi revealed a warm smile. He had obtained the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng today and his long time depressed heart was finally feeling good.  As for the rudeness of the old tiger, Bai Jin Yi completely ignored it.


The old tiger saw Bai Jin Yi completely ignore it and even casually walked through carrying a woman.  It let out a long roar and leaned on the ground, looking at Bai Jin Yi’s back before it suddenly jumped out, flying through the sky.  Then it opened its large bloody mouth.

Bai Jin Yi felt the air currents behind him and knew that the old tiger had jumped at him.  Being too lazy to even use his spiritual energy, he supported himself with one leg as he kicked out with the other, heavily slamming it into the old tiger’s body.

Ao wu!  Dong, putong.

The old tiger made a pitiful cry in the air before its body changed directions.  It slammed into a tree trunk and fell with a putong sound. The large tiger’s head watched as Bai Jin Yi leisurely walked away while it was lying on its side at this moment.  Its tears dripped out as it swore in its heart, when I stand up, I will definitely leave this mountain. This mountain is too terrifying…..If it stayed here for too long, the old tiger would starve to death!

Bai Jin Yi walked very carefully, afraid that he would awake the beauty in his arms.

The road that should take an hour to walk, under a person’s consideration had taken until the sun rose in the eastern sky.

Bai Jin Yi’s thoughts were simple, he just wanted the person in his embrace to sleep a bit longer.  He knew how much of a commotion he made fighting the Dragon Snake, so when he returned to the monkeys, Ye Yu Xi would surely be awakened by them.

Dong, dong~~dong——

A special wake up call came from in front of them.

There were countless pheasants calling out!  It rang through the forest, kicking off the new day.

Un, heng~

Ye Yu Xi made a moan and her brows knit.  She was a bit dissatisfied that someone was disturbing her sleep, but she instantly opened her eyes wide!

She was actually being carried by someone!  Ye Yu Xi was being carried in Bai Jin Yi’s arms and looking up, she could see his face.  It had to be said, Bai Jin Yi’s cold face had more aura than any other men she had seen before, especially with the first light of dawn shining on his face.

“You’re awake.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice was very gentle, but he did not have any plans on letting Ye Yu Xi down.

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