Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Empty Starry Night Flames

After blinking, when Bai Jin Yi’s eyes opened, there were two golden pupils inside his eyes!


Bai Jin Yi raised his palm and fire soon filled his palm.  He suddenly struck out and the flames turned into a fireball which flew out at the giant snake.

The giant snake was huge, but it was very flexible.  The giant snake head moved to the side and dodged the fireball.  Under the control of Bai Jin Yi, the fireball did not fly straight, rather it went down and landed onto the giant snake’s body.

The giant snake had thick scales and was covered in a layer of liquid which looked quite disgusting.  According to common sense, the flames would not be able hurt the giant snake, but the flames soon attached to the giant snake’s scales.  It was like the giant snake’s spiritual energy was being used as fuel, constantly burning the giant snake’s body.


How many years had it been since the giant snake had been injured, it never thought that a normal person would be able to hurt it today.  Feeling the pain, it raised its head to give an angry roar as it released its spirit beast pressure at Bai Jin Yi in the sky.

Bai Jin Yi could face this pressure that covered the entire mountain without moving at all.  In his evil dual pupils, a golden flame was ignited as the spirit beast pressure around him disappeared, not affecting him at all.

Seeing that its pressure was of no use, the giant snake’s actions became a bit slower.  This was its first time being in this kind of situation!

The giant snake released his spiritual energy and the flames were instantly extinguished.  Even like this, the Strange Flame had already burned a large patch of its scales, “The Empty Starry Night Flame, you actually have a Strange Flame!  No wonder you’re not afraid of my pressure. Brat, if I kill you, the Empty Starry Night Flame will be mine!”

In its anger, the giant snake’s voice also gained a trace of greed!

Strange Flames, the most aggressive flame in the world and it had a spirit.  Not only was it the flame alchemists dreamed of, powerful spirit beasts will also want them.  Strange Flames gathered spiritual energy, so if one cultivated beside a Strange Flame, it would largely increase their cultivation speed.  If there was an opportunity, powerful spirit beasts could come together with Strange Flames and give birth to a Beast Flame.

Although the might of the Beast Flame was not comparable to Strange Flames, it was still much higher than normal spiritual energy flames.  Each spirit beast that refines a Beast Flame will be much stronger than spirit beasts of the same level. Even the weakest was equal to the human’s ninth spiritual level cultivation, it was very strong.

Bai Jin Yi’s dual pupils seem to have seen through the giant snake’s thoughts and the flames in his palm become even stronger.  His entire aura also increased by a bit as his body was surrounded by a layer of golden light.

The giant snake’s eyes should not be able to see anything, but they currently revealed a human like surprise, “Lowly human, I never thought that you were actually hiding your strength!  However, you’re still not my match!”

The hundred foot body curled and the tip of its tail hid under the dirt.  It then seized an opportunity to shoot out its tail at Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi was not afraid as his golden spiritual energy formed a pair of wings on his back.  It pushed his body forward as he charged out to fight the giant snake.


On the other side of the mountain, the pressure finally slowly weakened.  Most of the Purple Thunder Monkeys stood up from the ground while shaking.

But the Purple Thunder Monkeys had a look of terror on their face that told Ye Yu Xi, there was a deep shadow cast over the hearts of the monkeys!

“Elder, what is on the other side of the mountain?  Can you take me to have a look?” Ye Yu Xi saw that the elder had already recovered to its normal state, so she asked him this question.

When the monkey elder heard that Ye Yu Xi wanted to go to the other side of the mountain, it shook his head with a serious expression, “No, no!  That area is a forbidden area of the forest! The ancestors have passed down this rule for a hundred years, saying we’re not allowed to take a single step inside!”

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