Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: This ground has a problem

Ye Man found Qing’er and perfectly heard the fatty say “do you want to kill off my descendants”, feeling a bit confused.  She looked at Qing’er and the fatty with a questioning gaze, “What do you mean by that, what kill off descendants?”

Qing’er angrily glared at the fatty.  That meaning, if you dare say it, this will never be over between you and me!

The fatty could feel Qing’er’s gaze filled with killing intent and revealed an awkward smile.  He said in a concealing voice, “Big sister Man, it’s nothing. This fatty is cowardly and I cursed out when I fell from the tree, he, he.”

“Where’s the monkey elder?”  Ye Yu Xi walked over. Ye Yu Xi did not know what happened and just thought fatty and the others were gathering here.

Ye Yu Xi was focused on the tremble just now.  It was too strange and could even be considered weird.  The Purple Thunder Monkeys had settled here and if there were natural disasters here, they would have moved already.

The fatty and the others shook their head.  It was dark and they were surrounded by trees.  Even if they could see the monkeys, these Purple Thunder Monkeys all looked the same, so who would know which tree the elder monkey was on.

She called Huo Ling in her mind.  Ye Yu Xi could only hope that Huo Ling could help.

Huo Ling appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder in a daze and his snow white little head kept bobbing, looking very tired.  He said in a sleepy voice to Ye Yu Xi, “Un~~Master, this treasure isn’t hungry, I won’t eat breakfast. Wu~~Let me sleep a bit more, hu, hu——”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling on her shoulder bobbing his head and falling asleep.  Father wanted you to come out to help me find the monkeys, I’m not calling you out to eat breakfast!

The surrounding monkeys became more chaotic and it would be trouble if they turned into enemies.  She thought that she had to quickly find the elder monkey and ask him about this. Seeing Huo Ling sleeping again, Ye Yu Xi chose the most direct method.

Her shoulder suddenly shook and Huo Ling was directly thrown off.

Pa ji!

Huo Ling’s head plunged into the dirt.

Puleng, puleng.

When he fell into the ground, Huo Ling immediately woke up.  He flapped his wings to get up and kept begging from his mouth, “Master, save me, save me.  There is a bastard who ambushed this treasure!”

“I did it.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very honest, this was not the time to bicker.

“Save…..Eh…..Master, what did you call me for!”  When Huo Ling heard that his master had done it, he immediately changed his tone and spoke in a voice filled with loyalty.

“Help me find the monkey elder, I need to ask it something.”   When Ye Yu Xi asked her question, she did not notice something wrong with the Huo Ling on her shoulder relishing something in his mouth.

“Huo Ling?”  Ye Yu Xi called in a soft voice.  Normally when she finished speaking, Huo Ling would immediately fly out, but this time was not normal.  Huo Ling mouth seemed to be moving without stop, as if he was eating something.

Huo Ling smacked his lips a few times like he was tasting something.  He raised his small head and although he had no expressions, his voice had a strange seriousness to it, “Master, there is a problem with the ground!”

Ye Yu Xi was stunned, “What problem?”

Huo Ling examined the taste in his mouth, “Wu~~I don’t know…..”

Ye Yu Xi was speechless in her heart, but seeing Huo Ling’s previous serious tone, it didn’t seem to be fake.  She asked again, “Then is there a problem or not?”

Huo Ling seemed to be in a bit of pain.  It was like he thought of something and couldn’t think of something.  He helplessly chose to give up, “I can’t find a way to say it. This earth, it gives me a very annoying feeling!”

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