Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Fatty’s “brother”

When fatty heard this voice, he knew that Qing’er was the one who fell on him.  He originally planned to take it silently, but when Qing’er sat up, her hand went to find a place to support herself with.

Fatty could feel Qing’er’s movement and felt a pressure on his ‘brother”, causing his face to change, “Qing’er, what are you doing!”  Feeling the pressure between his legs, the fatty quickly spread his legs to give his “brother” a bit of of space.

It didn’t matter the fatty stretched his legs, Qing’er was “unlucky” again!

Qing’er’s hand supporting her slipped and her body lost its balance.  The top half of her body fell over the fatty’s legs.

When Qing’er’s body fell, she unconsciously opened her mouth to call for help.  When her body fell onto the fatty’s legs, Qing’er felt something enter her mouth.  The feeling inside her mouth was not mud, but rather cloth.

“Si——”  Feeling his sensitive place being assaulted, the fatty sucked in a breath of cold air.  He didn’t know if it was because of pain or because of another reason.

What made Qing’er’s eyes open wide was that the cloth in her mouth seemed like it was changing.  It was like…..like…..Damn, this “cloth” was becoming harder and harder!

“Wu!  Wu~~” Qing’er had fallen over and there was this thing in her mouth, so she couldn’t speak even if she wanted to, only being able to make this muffled sound.  When she heard the fatty’s voice earlier, she knew who her body was pressed one. Also she knew what the thing in her mouth was!

Only, Qing’er wanted to spit the thing in her mouth out because that “cloth” had become slightly swollen in her mouth.

A gorgeous life was always filled with coincidences…..

Qing’er was feeling depressed deep down.  Damn, it’s stuck!

The fatty was lying on his back and he had an idea which was a bit evil.  Si, some places are feeling quite warm. Although it hurt falling on my but, from the perspective of a man, it was worth it!

Qing’er could feel her mouth being filled with the “cloth” and she was suffocating a bit.  She forcefully slapped the fatty’s thighs with both hands, signalling something.

The fatty’s thighs being slapped unconsciously made him tighten them, causing his waist to move up, “Si——”

The fatty couldn’t help taking another satisfied breath of cold air.

Qing’er really wanted to cry now!  She was cursing the fatty’s eighteen generations of ancestors in her mind.  Damn fatty, your master is incredibly stinky! Clearly it can’t be taken out, but you still put it in more!

Qing’ers mouth was already very uncomfortable and having the fatty move filled her heart with even more anger!  Finally she made up her mind and her chin filled with force, fiercely biting down!

“Si——”  The fatty took a real breath of cold air this time!  Painful…..

After three seconds, fatty’s “brother” quickly returned to normal.

Qing’er quickly got up from the fatty’s body with a look of disgust on her face, spitting out mouthfuls of saliva, “Pei, pei, pei!”

It was also very hard for the fatty to stand up, his legs were still a bit unnatural.  He was still taking in cold breaths, slowly alleviating the pain in a certain place, “Qing’er, what are you biting so fiercely for!  Do you want to kill off my descendants!”

“Pei!”  If it wasn’t for the fact she couldn’t beat the fatty, Qing’er would have really cut the fatty in half now.

Although many things had just happened between Qing’er and the fatty, it had happened in a short period of time, only around seven-eight seconds.  The two of them stood up and the mountain stopped shaking. Ye Yu Xi’s group and the Purple Thunder Monkeys jumped to the ground to see the situation.

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