Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Crippled young miss

“Pa, pa, pa…….”

The sound of a whip cracking rang out in the woods.

A beautiful young girl was dipping the whip in her hand in a bucket of salt water.  The she ruthlessly beat the girl in front of her.

“Third sister, third sister, it wasn’t me…….I really didn’t steal it!”  

After Ye Xuan Ran saw the look of loathing on Ye Yu Xi’s face, she cold heartedly swung the whip in her hand, “Lift her up for me.”

“Yes, third young miss.”

Two maidservants listened to Ye Xuan Ran orders.  They had fierce faces as the walked towards Ye Yu Xi and lifted Ye Yu Xi up.


Another whip strike ruthlessly fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

“Third sister, I really didn’t steal that Purple Spirit Pill!”  After being whipped from the afternoon to the evening, Ye Yu Xi’s voice was already hoarse.  Sweat mixed with blood dripped down as her eyes revealed an innocent look.

After Ye Xuan Ran heard what Ye Yu Xi said, she spat onto the ground.

Holding the bucket of water on the side, she poured it all onto Ye Yu Xi’s body.


After Ye Yu Xi’s wounds was washed with the salt water, it was like having a million needle stabbing into her.  Her whole body trembled violently.

Ye Yu Xi’s painful cries was like sweet music to Ye Xuan Ran’s ears.  She said in a sarcastic voice, “You trash that can’t condense spiritual energy, being chased out of the family three years ago, how could you possibly have the ability to enter the family’s treasury?  Of course I know the Purple Spirit Pill wasn’t stolen by you.”

Ye Yu Xi forced herself to lift her face soaked in sweat and blood, “Then why are you…..”

“Why?”  Ye Xuan Ran began to laugh, “Because of your beloved seventh prince.  Because the seventh prince wants to compete for the throne, how could he possibly have a waste princess like you who can’t even condense spiritual energy!”

Two more whip strikes ruthlessly fell down on Ye Yu Xi’s body.

“The seventh prince wants you to die.  As long as you die, the seventh prince will be able to cancel his engagement with you.  He has already promised me that as long as I kill you, he would marry me and bring me into the palace!”  After finishing, Ye Xuan Ran’s face filled with pride.

It was like this?

Originally she had believed that in two years, once the seventh prince brought her into the palace, she would no longer have to deal with other people’s looks.  She would no longer have to live her life which was worse than a dog’s.

She never would have thought that the person who wanted her dead the most, would actually be her future husband.

The only hope left in her heart had finally collapsed.  Her body slightly trembled and her eyelids felt heavy as she closed her eyes with a look of reluctance.

The two maidservants realized that Ye Yu Xi in their hands was no longer moving and they revealed a panicked expression, “Third young miss.  Young miss, she seems to be dead.”

Ye Xuan Ran threw away the whip in her hands as she went forward to lift Ye Yu Xi’s head.

Pa, pa!

She heavily slapped Ye Yu Xi’s face.

Ye Xuan Ran saw that Ye Yu Xi did not react.  She clapped her hands and gave a cold smile, “It seem like she’s dead.”

With a putong sound.

The two maidservants threw Ye Yu Xi’s body onto the ground.

Ye Xuan Ran stared at the maidservants standing not far away, “What do you think?  How do we deal with her body?”

Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s body covered in whip marks, the envy in Ye Xuan Ran’s heart still wouldn’t go away.  How could a waste like her get such a good engagement!

The two maidservants returned to Ye Xuan Ran’s side.

“Third miss, I think we should strip her naked and throw her onto the street.  Then we should tell everyone that Ye Yu Xi is servicing men at night and ruin her reputation.”

“Third miss, I’ve heard that the Mo Family had rejected the seventh prince’s invitation.  How about we call someone to bring the young miss to the Mo Family’s residence and plant it……”

The three of them were currently discussing how to make Ye Yu Xi’s death even more painful.

A strange purple lightning flashed in the sky!  It struck Ye Yu Xi in her dantian.

Slowly opening her eyes.

Those originally reluctant eyes, currently shined with a cold glow.  It was as sharp as a sword.  She was the legendary assassin – the Blood Enchantress.

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