Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 977

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Chapter 977: Mastermind behind the curtain

Chen Ning knew that Ye Ting Xuan was Marquis Xuan Wu’s second son, but knew nothing else about Marquis Xuan Wu.

She saw that everyone here was stunned when hearing the words Marquis Xuan Wu, so she thought: There must be a story I don’t know about.

But she knew that it wasn’t time for her to interrupt, so she remained silent.

“An Le is right, this matter definitely is not related to Marquis Xuan Wu.  The matter of the horse is probably only a coincidence. Even if Marquis Xuan Wu didn’t give the horse to An Le, the horse groom would have found another way to enter the Eldest Princess manor.

Mo Chuan was silent for a bit before he spoke.

“Many thanks for the emperor’s trust in my father.”  Ye Ting Xuan looked at Mo Chuan with deep gratitude.

“Marquis Xuan Wu is loyal, this one trusts him the most after mother, how can we suspect him?”  Mo Chuan nodded at Ye Ting Xuan before saying, “If it wasn’t for Marquis Xuan Wu supporting me with mother, this one would not be on the throne, so even if others would harm me, Marquis Xuan Wu definitely wouldn’t.  Ting Xuan, don’t tell this matter to Marquis Xuan Wu, otherwise he’ll overthink it.”

“Yes, emperor.”

“Since it’s like this, now you just need to find the horse groom.  As long as you catch him, naturally everything will be clear.” Mo Chuan said.

Ye Ting Xuan agreed.  When he was prepared to leave with the Eldest Princess, Chen Ning suddenly spoke up.

“Wait a minute, I suddenly thought of an idea.  Perhaps it can find the mastermind behind the curtain.”

“What method?”  Mo Chuan instantly perked up and looked at her.

Ye Ting Xuan and the Eldest Princess also came back.

Chen Ning looked outside and Mo Chuan immediately understood her meaning, so he said, “Xiao Si, you and Zhui Feng guard outside.  No one is allowed to approach.”

Xiao Si and Zhui Feng gave sounds of acknowledgement.  Even if their hearts were filled with curiosity and wanted to hear Chen Ning’s method, they didn’t dare defy the emperor’s order.

Of the two, one guarded the roof and the other guarded the door.

“Ning’er, you can speak now.  There definitely won’t be anyone listening in on us.”

Chen Ning nodded before asking Mo Chuan, “The matter of me being poisoned by a snake, how many people know?”

“Other than the people who are here, there is also the Guan Yu Palace’s eunuchs and maids, but I have already given the order and this matter won’t be spread at all.  This can’t be sent to mother at all. As for An Le’s manor…..” Mo Chuan looked at Ye Ting Xuan.

Ye Ting Xuan immediately said, “Please be assured emperor, Ying Xuan has already ordered the Eldest Princess not to scare the snake.  When we searched for the maid in the manor, we said that an important item was lost in the palace and it could be that maid that stole it.  We didn’t reveal anything else.”

He paused before saying, “That’s right, King Ding Yuan also knows about this.  We don’t know about others, but it’s hard to ensure that King Ding Yuan won’t spill this matter.  There is also doctor Zhang…..We don’t know if doctor Zhang will…..” He cut off there.

“Doctor Zhang should know what he should say and what he shouldn’t say, this one trusts him.”  Mo Chuan said.

“That means that this matter hasn’t been spread and few people know about this, right?”  Chen Ning asked.

Mo Chuan nodded, “That’s right.”

“Then, the matter of me drinking the snow ginseng soup to cure the snake poison, the real culprit definitely wouldn’t know about this, right?”  She then said.

Mo Chuan nodded, “Unless the culprit is among us, they definitely would not know.”

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