Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 976

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Chapter 976: A fatal disaster

“Horse training expert?”  Ye Ting Xuan said with pursed lips, “When was there an extra horse training expert in your manor, why didn’t I know about it?”  His words had a trace of jealousy to it.

He heard the Eldest Princess call the man a delicate gentleman and his heart filled with discomfort.

Other than him, another man had never caught the Eldest Princess’ eyes.

But the Eldest Princess didn’t care about his jealousy at all, rather she just rolled her eyes at him.

“This princess has just hired a new horse groom, even a small matter like this needs to be reported to you?  This princess hasn’t married you yet and you already want to watch over this princess?”

Ye Ting Xuan gave a bitter smile as he said, “How could Ting Xuan have the courage to dare manage the Eldest Princess’ matters.”

The Eldest Princess gave a snort and said, “This horse groom is young, but his skills are incredible.  That horse that no one dared approach quickly became tame under his hands. This princess was very happy, so I asked if he was willing to take care of the horses for this princess and he quickly agreed.  Naturally this princess wouldn’t mistreat him, so this princess gave him a salary of twenty silvers. This princess thought I had found a treasure, but I never thought……”

She couldn’t help stomping her foot.

“This princess will return to the manor to find the horse groom and interrogate him about this!”

“Eldest Princess, wait.  If this matter is really related to the horse groom, you definitely won’t find him if you search for him now.”

Chen Ning stopped her.

“I was only making a guess, but since the Eldest Princess has spoken of the newly hired horse groom, I’m 80-90% sure on this matter.  Eldest Princess, your eyes are quite picky, but even you called the horse groom a fragile gentleman, his appearance shouldn’t be that lacking compared to husband Ye.  Even if he is a horse groom, with this kind of appearance, the maids of your palace will have their hearts moved. This maid is already eighteen-nineteen, in the prime of her youth, so as long as the horse groom flirts a bit, naturally she will be mesmerized by him.  If a woman is mesmerized by a man, they wouldn’t hesitate to die for him. My guess is that she wasn’t interested in betraying the princess, but she accidentally mentioned this matter to that person and was used by that person before meeting a fatal disaster.”

She let out a low sigh, “Speaking of this, she is just a pitiful person who was lost in love.  If we really want to find the culprit, the horse groom is the true culprit.”

Everyone present nodded.

Mo Chuan immediately said, “Ting Xuan, you and An Le immediately head back to the palace to look for the horse groom.  It’s fine even if he escaped, An Le has seen him, so find someone to draw him. Even if you have to comb through the capital city, you have to find that person for this one!”

He paused before saying, “There is another person who is suspicious.  An Le, who sent you the horse? It’s very likely this is a series of plans and he deliberately sent you the hard to tame horse that attracted the horse groom into your palace.”

The Eldest Princess said without even thinking, “Impossible, definitely impossible!  This matter is not related to that person!”

“Oh, why are you so certain?  Just who is that person?” Mo Chuan stared at her as he spoke.

The Eldest Princess couldn’t help peeking at Ye Ting Xuan as he said, “He is Ting Xuan’s father, Marquis Xuan Wu, Marquis Ye!”

Hearing the words “Marquis Ye”, Mo Chuan went silent.

Xiao Si and Zhui Feng didn’t dare breathe too loudly.

Ye Ting Xuan never would have thought that his father’s name would come from the Eldset Princess’ mouth.  He was stunned as he opened his lips a few times, but he couldn’t say a word.

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