Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 978

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Chapter 978: Attracting the snake out of their cave

Chen Ning’s eyes lit up and she clapped her hand, making a clear sound.

“Very good, then let’s use their tricks against them.  We’ll beat the grass and scare the snake out of its cave!”

“What using their tricks against them and scaring the snake out of their cave?”  The Eldest Princess quickly asked.

Although Ye Ting Xuan didn’t speak, his mind was already moving and he could already vaguely guess Chen Ning’s ideas.

Mo Chuan revealed a faint smile and looked at her with a gaze of appreciation.  When she spoke, he understood her thoughts.

This connection of their hearts filled with his heart with comfort.

The Eldest Princess held Chen Ning’s hand and urged her to speak, “Ning’er, speak clearly.  How will you find the culprit? Could it be you want to make this matter known to all?”

Chen Ning said with a nod, “That’s right, husband Ye didn’t want to scare the snake before, but my method is the complete opposite.  I want to scare the snake! As long as the grass is beaten, the snake hidden inside the grass will come out of its hole. There aren’t many people who know that I’ve been poisoned by a snake, I believe the mastermind also doesn’t know about this.  If news is sent out that I was bitten by the poisonous snake sent by the Eldest Princess and was in critical condition, so the emperor in a rage has imprisoned the Eldest Princess, wouldn’t the real culprit be unable to close their lips from happiness?  This is because he has killed two birds with one stone, successfully placing blame on others! When his plan succeeds, he will be filled with pride. Once people are filled with pride, they will inevitably make mistakes. Tell me, what will the real culprit do then?”

She looked at the three people around her.

They all shook their heads.

“I can’t guess it, Ning’er, tell me.  What will the culprit do?” The Eldest Princess was covered in cold sweat hearing this and the hand holding Chen Ning’s hands was covered in sweat.  She was feeling nervous and worried.

Chen Ning said with a faint smile, “He had such a large success, naturally he will come see the results of his victory.  Even if he doesn’t personally come, he will still send someone over. My guess is that this person doesn’t have a normal identity and the horse groom was just one of his pieces.  He can send someone into the Eldest Princess manor, meaning that he understands the royal family. Since he can send someone into the Eldest Princess manor, he can also send someone into the royal palace!  So, we just need to open a net and wait for the fish to come in.”

After she said this, she saw the three people not making a single sound and looking at her with strange gazes.

“Did I say something wrong?  Or do you think that my method isn’t good?”  She felt that her plan was perfect and she couldn’t find any flaws.

The Eldest Princess shook her head, she already couldn’t say anything else.

This was because the method Chen Ning thought of had completely shocked her.

She always thought Ye Ting Xuan was the smartest person she knew, but Chen Ning suddenly changed her views.

“Ning’er, how are you this smart!  You’ve thought of such an amazing plan!  Compared to you, my brain is simply that of a boars!”  The Eldest Princess patted her forehead in chagrin.

Chen Ning couldn’t help laughing.

Mo Chuan also couldn’t help smiling, “Ting Xuan, what do you think of Ning’er’s plan?”

Ye Ting Xuan sincerely said, “Emperor, the empress’ plan is very good, Ting Xuan cannot compare.”

“Since it’s like this, let’s follow Ning’er’s plan.”  Mo Chuan finally made a decision.

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