Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 975

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Chapter 975: For a man

“Emperor, if you’re still angry with me, just send a few boxes of toads to me.  You know what I am most afraid of.” The Eldest Princess said this and gave a shudder.

Her appearance made Mo Chuan unable to keep a straight face.

“An Le, if you dare cause trouble again, I’ll cover your wedding bed in toads!”

“I don’t dare.  Emperor, I really won’t dare again.”  The Eldest Princess imagined the scene of a bed covered in toads and her body was covered in goosebumps.

Chen Ning couldn’t help smiling.  She never thought that the Eldest Princess who was as strong as a man would be afraid of toads.  This pair of siblings were really interesting, one was afraid of snakes and the other was afraid of toads.

Everyone revealed a relaxed smile on their faces.

But very quickly the smiles disappeared.

Mo Chuan looked at the maid’s corpse on the ground and knit his brows.

“Ting Xuan, do you have a way to continue investigating now?”

Ye Ting Xuan shook his head and said, “I ask for forgiveness emperor, Ting Xuan is helpless.  Ting Xuan has investigated everything and there have been no clues. Ting Xuan has already investigated the room of this maid, but other than the clothes she wore, there was nothing special.  There was also quite a bit of silvers placed in a box inside her room. She had served the Eldest Princess for many years, so there was a total of two hundred silvers. She was sold by her parents to the princess’ manor when she was young, so this amount was for her dowry.  The Eldest Princess had already promised her that after she and I got married, she would give this maid her papers and would help her find a good marriage. However, I never thought that even with the Eldest Princess being this good to her, she would betray the Eldest Princess and do something like this!”

When Mo Chuan heard this, he also felt there were no clues at all.

He thought that he could start investigating from the parents of this maid, but Ting Xuan had said that she was alone.  It couldn’t be someone forcing her with her parents and she had quite a bit of silver, enough for her to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

“It wasn’t for money and it wasn’t because of a threat.  Just why did she do something like this?” Mo Chuan looked up, feeling very confused.

“If it isn’t for these two things, then there is only one reason she would betray the Eldest Princess.”

Chen Ning suddenly spoke.

“What is it?”  Mo Chuan asked.

Everyone looked at Chen Ning, especially the Eldest Princess.  Her eyes were wide open, waiting for Chen Ning to solve the mystery in her heart.

“That is ‘love’!  She only did this because of a man.”  Chen Ning said.

The Eldest Princess took in a cold breath and immediately shook her head while saying, “A man?  Impossible! This princess has never seen her with a man before! This princess’ manor wouldn’t have a man from outside come in, even Ting Xuan’s attendant shouldn’t think of taking a step in.”

“Eldest Princess, think carefully, is there really no men that come into your palace?  For example, an attendant that hadn’t come in for long, a cook that makes your meals, or a groom that takes care of the horses……”

Before Chen Ning even finished, the Eldest Princess patted her head and cut her off.

“There is, there is, there is one!  A few days ago, someone sent a horse to this princess.  Because that horse was too fierce, the horse grooms of this princess’ manor didn’t dare approach, so this princess sent people out to find someone who understood horses.  That horse groom looked like a fragile gentleman, like he could be blown over by a breeze, but he was an expert in training horses.”

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