Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 974

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Chapter 974: Two suspicions

“Empress, how could she tell that she didn’t drown herself?  She was clearly fished out of the lake by us and we have investigated the corpse to see that she has drowned herself since there was mud from the lake in her mouth.”

Ye Ting Xuan was the first one who came back to his senses and he couldn’t help arguing with her.

“This is because the one who killed her is very intelligent, this mud was deliberately placed into her mouth, but the murderer has forgotten one thing.  When people drown, they struggle for their life, so if she really drowned to death, her nails would also be filled with mud, not just her mouth! But look at her fingers, her nails are all completely clean.”

Ye Yu Xi pointed at the maid’s hand.

Everyone looked over and found that it was like she had said.  The maid’s fingers were stretched out and there was not a trace of mud in her nails at all.

“There is another suspicious thing which is that when people are drowning, they would reach out to grab around wildly, dying with their hands forming fists, not having spread out hands like her.  So we can tell based on these two points that this maid did not drown, but rather her body was thrown into the lake after she was killed. That murderer killed her to silence her, so after the maid’s corpse sunk into the lake, he thought of a way for her body to float to the surface for people to find.  That way people would think that she killed herself in atonement and couldn’t keep investigating.” Chen Ning said.

After she said this, Zhui Feng couldn’t help slapping his leg and Xiao Si kept nodding.

Ye Ting Xuan looked at Chen Ning with an amazed look.

The Eldest Princess clapped as she said, “Ning’er, you’re truly too smart.  The things that you’ve said, this princess couldn’t see them at all. Ting Xuan said that she killed herself and this princess thought the same, you’re the smartest still.  Ting Xuan, compared to Ning’er, you are simply a blockhead!”

Ye Ting Xuan’s white face turned red and he looked down.

He thought that he was smart and careful enough, the mud in the maid’s mouth was also found by him, so he thought that this maid had killed herself.  However, he never thought that Chen Ning would noticed these two suspicious points that he never thought of.

“Princess, you can’t be as careless as before.  She is now the empress and your royal sister in law.”  He reminded in a small voice.

The Eldest Princess said in an uncaring voice, “She is my royal sister in law, but I can also call her Ning’er.  Ning’er, do you want me to call you royal sister in law or Ning’er like before?”

Chen Ning said with a faint smile, “Whatever the Eldest Princess likes.”

“Then I’ll call you Ning’er like before.  Emperor, are you angry at me because of this?”

The Eldest Princess looked at Mo Chuan.  She seemed careless, but in her heart, other than Ye Ting Xuan, there were two people she cared about the most.  One was Empress Dowager Zhou and the other was Mo Chuan.

Her heart was filled with guild and she didn’t dare talk to Mo Chuan, but there was an indescribable discomfort in her heart.

These siblings had always been close, but if Mo Chuan was angry at her because of this, she really didn’t know what to do.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help staring at her, “An Le, when you and Ting Xuan get married, what gift do you think this one will give you?”

There was a deep threatening tone in his voice.

But when the Eldest Princess heard this, she let out a sigh of relief in her heart since she knew her royal brother didn’t blame her anymore.

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