Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 973

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Chapter 973: Killing people to silence them

Mo Chaun turned around to hold Chen Ning’s hand as he said, “Ning’er, come with me.”

He knew that she was very smart.  With her there, they would be able to find more clues.

Chen Ning said with a nod, “Alright.”

The two of them went to the side room and noticed that not only was it Ye Ting Xuan, there was also the Eldest Princess, Xiao Si, and Zhui Feng.

There was a wet person lying on the ground like they had just been fished out of the water, but they weren’t moving at all.

The Eldest Princess saw Chen Ning and immediately came forward, grabbing her hand.

“Ning’er, it’s all my fault!  I wronged you, I thought of that silly idea to actually send a snake into the palace.  I wanted to scare royal brother, but I almost made you lose your life! Ning’er, scold me and hit me, only then can my heart feel better.”

Her eyes were filled with tears, as she was filled with shame and guilt.

Chen Ning wiped her tears and comforted her, “Eldest Princess, this matter isn’t related to you, you mustn’t feel guilty.  I thought it was fun playing with the snake, so I was bitten by the snake, it really isn’t related to you. Not to mention this matter is someone else’s plan, trying to borrow a knife to kill someone.  Even if you didn’t sent the gift to me, they would have come up with another method.”

The Eldest Princess angrily said, “It was all because this princess trusted the wrong person.  Ning’er, I never thought that my maid would do something like this, but she has already admitted her sins.  If she wasn’t dead, this princess would peel her skin and break her bones, but that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the hatred in this princess’ heart!”

She pointed at the unmoving person, “It’s her!”

“Confessing her sin?”  Chen Ning repeated and looked down at the maid.

That maid looked to be around eighteen-nineteen, with a face that looked pretty.  However, her face was incomparably white and her hair was covering her face, making her look like a water ghost.

She remembered this maid’s face and it was indeed the maid that served the Eldest Princess.

“Yes, empress.”  The one who spoke was not the Eldest Princess, but rather Ye Ting Xuan.

“Ting Xuan told the Eldest Princess not to rattle the snake, to have her lock up the maid after catching her and to wait for me to interrogate her.  When I went to the palace, I learned that the maid was already gone. After searching for half a night, we finally found this floating corpse in the Lotus Flower Pond.  I think it must be because she was afraid that she had failed, so she killed herself in the lake out of fear of punishment.”

Ye Ting Xuan angrily stomped his feet, “With her dead, all clues are gone.  We can’t find the real culprit behind this now!”

Mo Chuan looked at the dead maid and he couldn’t help looking up at Chen Ning with eyes of shock and awe.

Everything was as she had expected!

Only it was like Ye Ting Xuan had said.  Once this maid was dead, they couldn’t investigate anything.

His face turned livid and his fists tightened, as he had no way to vent the anger in his chest.

Chen Ning nodded with the same calm as before because she had already expected this matter.

She leaned over the maid and looked over her.  She carefully looked over the maid’s hands before finally opening the maid’s mouth to take a look.

The others on the side felt this looked strange.

“She didn’t drown herself, she was killed by someone to silence her!”  Chen Ning stood up, speaking in a certain voice.

“Killed, killed by someone to silence her?”  The Eldest Princess looked at her in a daze as a chill ran down her spine.

Everyone looked at Chen Ning with expressions of shock and disbelief.

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