Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 972

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Chapter 972: Borrowing a blade to kill people

“Aren’t you sleeping yet, what are you doing?”

Suddenly, Mo Chuan opened his eyes and looked at her with a bit of annoyance.

Chen Ning was surprised and complained, “So you were pretending to sleep!”  She became timid from being scared, not daring to move. At this time, her hands and feet turned numb.

He revealed a faint smile, “I was really sleeping, but being stared at by you like this, even someone made of wood would wake up.”

There was something he was too embarrassed to say.  Actually when she was in his embrace, how could he fall asleep?  Even if she didn’t move, he could smell the sweet fragrance coming from her even in his dream, how could he possibly stay calm?

“You’re not sleeping, what are you thinking now?”  He stroked her hair.

Since she didn’t want to sleep, then he would talk to her.  Actually even if they didn’t say anything, he just wanted to keep staring at her.

Chen Ning’s eyes turned.  She was indeed thinking of something.

“Mo Chuan, you said husband Ye has gone to the Eldest Princess palace.  How has his investigation gone?”

“I don’t know.”  Mo Chuan shook his head, “No matter what, I definitely won’t let the person who poisoned you off.  If we catch him, I will have horses rip him into five pieces!” He said through gritted teeth.

Chen Ning said, “I think that husband Ye definitely won’t be able to find any clues.  If you want horses to rip them into five pieces, you need to catch the culprit first.”

“You don’t believe Ting Xuan has the ability to do this?  As long as we catch the maid who secretly swapped the snakes, Ting Xuan will have a way to open her mouth.”

“Ai, I’m afraid husband Ye will only find a dead person and a dead person’s mouth is the best way to keep a secret.”  She let out a soft sigh.

Mo Chuan’s pupils shrank, “What do you mean?”

“My meaning is very clear.  Think about it, the maid who swapped the snakes definitely wasn’t the real culprit, at most she was instructed to do so or paid to do so.  As for the real culprit, his mind is indeed very sharp, using this kind of seamless manner to hurt people. Whether the snake bit me or you, if this matter was investigated, the Eldest Princess would still be implicated and can’t escape the blame.  It could be considered a good method of using a borrowed blade to kill someone. He could think of this kind of method to harm people, how could he leave behind anyone that could lead to him? So my guess is that husband Ye’s investigation will yield no results and that maid, if she hasn’t escaped, she is probably dead.”

After Mo Chuan heard this, his heart sunk down.

He had great hopes in Ye Ting Xuan, but hearing what Chen Ning said, he felt that her words made sense.

“Then we have to let this murderer go like this?  He almost killed you and if we let him off like this, how could I be willing!”  Mo Chuan forcefully gritted his teeth.

“This is only my guess, perhaps husband Ye can find the maid and obtain some results.”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help shaking his head as he said, “Ning’er, if it really is like you expected, we won’t be able to investigate anything.”

At this time, there were soft knocks on the door before Xiao Si’s voice rang out.

“Forgive me emperor, but husband Ye has an urgent matter for the emperor.”

“Ting Xuan is here?”

Mo Chuan immediately stood up and looked at Chen Ning.  He knew that there must have some results, so without caring for the time, he rushed into the palace to report.

“Have him go to the side room, this one will head over immediately.”

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