Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 971

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Chapter 971: No wonderful night

Mo Chuan instantly dodged her eyes looking a bit stunned.

“Of course not!”

He didn’t want to admit that he cried in front of her.

Even if he didn’t admit it, he wouldn’t be able to hide it from her eyes.

Her heart was moved and her eyes became warm.  She threw herself into his arms and tightly hugged his waist.

“Mo Chuan, I don’t know what happened after I fainted, but you seeing me like that, your heart must have been feeling bad.  You must have been ten times more hurt than me. Next time, I won’t worry you again. I would rather me be worried than to worry someone else.”

Mo Chuan stroked her hair with a faint smile, “You do seem to have a bit of consciousness, but are you cursing me to be poisoned next time?”

He didn’t want her to think about it, so he deliberately teased her.

Chen Ning looked up and her eyes was misted over.  She tearfully looked at him, “If you die, I would die with you.”

“You really are an outspoken girl, you keep talking about death and death.  We still have to have our nuptial chamber, we still have to grow old together, how could you die that easily!”

Mo Chuan punished her by squeezing her nose.

Hearing the words nuptial chambers, they couldn’t help looking at the phoenix and dragon candles that were still burning and it stirred their hearts.

If nothing had happened, they would have already…..

“That’s right, this is our nuptial chamber, how can we have a beautiful night?”  She hooked her arms around his neck and softly said, “Mo Chuan, I don’t want to live in separate rooms, I want to be in the same bed as you.”

Mo Chuan was shocked, “We can’t, doctor Zhang said that we can’t do that for a month.”

She revealed a smile, “I am only saying I want to be in the same bed, I never said that I would…..do the that with you.  What are you thinking about?”

His face instantly turned red and he glared at her, “You silly girl, if you tease me again, I…..I won’t care anymore!”

Chen Ning giggled as she leaned in his embrace and closed her eyes, “Mo Chuan, just hug me until I fall asleep, alright?”

Mo Chuan hesitated a bit and hugged her on that large wedding bed.  The two of them laid on the same pillow, facing each other and breathing each other’s breath.

The two of them were wearing their large red wedding dresses and the red candle lit up their faces, shimmering across them.

Looking at each other, they both revealed a smile.


Mo Chuan leaned over to kiss her face.  He gently took her into his embrace and locked fingers with her, feeling her warm body in against his.  He thought that from now on, he could rely on her like this until they both grew old together.

His lips curled into a smile as he closed his eyes.

He had been struggling all night and his heart finally fell back down.  His tiredness came over him as he fell into a deep sleep.

Because Chen Ning had been sleeping a long time, she was very awake.  Adding in the extraordinary thousand year old snow ginseng, it was like a stream of heat pouring through her body.  Although she wasn’t burning up, it still made her feel very strange.

She pulled Mo Chuan into bed not because she wanted to sleep, but rather her heart ached from seeing his bloodshot eyes.  Hearing Mo Chuan’s breathing become light and even, she knew that he had fallen asleep.

She didn’t dare wake him and laid there in his embrace without moving.  She looked up at the smile on his face and her heart filled with an indescribable sweetness.

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