Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 970

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Chapter 970: Impossible to guard against

She was stunned.  She bit her lips as she looked at Mo Chuan, not daring to believe that these words came from his mouth.

Just a few days ago, when they had the fake wedding nuptial chamber in the farmhouse, he was pure without knowing a single thing.  She never would have thought that in just a few short days, he would suddenly know all of this!

She was feeling more fortunate that she had been poisoned, otherwise she would have been eaten by him without leaving a single bone.

“Why are you talking?  Are you afraid now? Where did all the courage from now go?  Un?”

Mo Chuan found her red face funny.  He didn’t believe he couldn’t take care of this daring girl and as expected, his words instantly made her stop talking.

“I’m afraid, I’m afraid of you, lord husband.”  She turned her eyes and began to laugh. Her laugh sounded like a clear bell.

Being called “husband” made his heart feel like it had eaten honey.  He looked down at her lips curled into a smile and his throat trembled, almost pressing down his lips on her smiling lips.

She noticed his intentions and quickly raised her hand to cover his lips.


He really was afraid that he would kiss her without caring.

He took advantage of her by kissing her soft palms and her face turned red again.  This action seemed like she placed her hand on his lips to let him kiss it.

Mo Chuan grabbed her hand and tightly held it with a serious look on his face.

“Ning’er, we have just gotten married and you encountered this kind of danger, almost losing your life.  Do you regret it? Do you regret marrying me? If I told you that there is still the chance this kind of danger could happen again and it would become even more dangerous, would you…..be afraid?”

Chen Ning finally understood that what he meant when he asked if she was afraid, but she shook her head without any hesitation and said, “I’m not afraid!”

“You really aren’t afraid?”  Mo Chuan looked into her eyes, “This time was a poisonous snake, next time could be poisoned arrow and it will be impossible to defend against.  There won’t be a second snow ginseng to save your life when the time comes, you could really die. Are you not afraid of death?”

“I’m not afraid because I know that if I die, you’ll come with me, right?  I won’t be alone on the path to the yellow springs. If I’m with you, what is there to be afraid of?”  She said with a faint smile, remembering what he said before she fainted.

He had said, “If you die, I won’t live either.  Do I care about a bit of poison?”

He had blurted this out without even thinking, showing that it was his true feelings.  Hearing these words made her heart excited, inciting the poison and making her faint.

Mo Chuan had the urge to kiss her again, the words she said had moved his heart.

He easily restrained it as he continued looking at her with a serious expression, “Would you blame me?”

She asked in a surprised voice, “Blame you for what?”

“Because I…..didn’t make a move in time and let the snake bite you.  If I had acted in time and killed the snake as soon as it appeared, you wouldn’t have been poisoned……”

When he thought of that scene, he shivered again.

“Fool!”  Chen Ning placed a finger on his lips and didn’t let him keep speaking.

“This matter is not related to you at all, why would I blame you?  It was because I wanted to use the snake to scare you, so I deserved what I got!  After I was poisoned, you must have almost died from worry, right? Did you…..cry?”  She deeply looked into his eyes.

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