Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 969

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Chapter 969: Confessing without being forced

Mo Chuan looked at her and there was an unspeakable praise for her.  She was even smarter than he imagined.

He said with a nod, “That’s right, it was someone’s secret trick.  An Le didn’t know I was marrying you and she was angry that I was marrying someone else, so she sent a snake into the palace.  She knew that I was afraid of snakes the most. However, she placed a defanged black snake into the present box, but the one sent into the palace was this poisonous white spotted black snake.”

Chen Ning sucked in a breath of cold air and blurted out, “That person has to be someone by the Eldest Princess’ side!”

Mo Chuan gave a nod of praise, “That’s right.  I have already sent Ye Ting Xuan to investigate this matter and there will be news soon with him investigating.  Ning’er, are you afraid?” He deeply looked at her.

“Scared?  Scared of that snake?  Of course not.” Chen Ning shook her head.  She innocently blinked at Mo Chuan before saying with a mischievous smile, “But someone was so scared that their face turned pale and they began to tremble just from seeing the snake, hee, hee.”

Mo Chuan’s couldn’t stop his face from turning red as he spoke in a hard tone, “Nonsense, when was I trembling?  It was clearly me who cut the snake in half.”

“He, he, did I say you were trembling?  Aren’t you confessing by yourself!” Her eyes narrowed from her smile and her lips raised into a slender curve.  She was happy seeing him like this and found it was funny.

He wanted to keep defending himself, but he was mesmerized by her smile as an indescribable feeling filled his heart.

Thankfully god listen to the request at the bottom of his heart and finally gave her back to him!

Now he could see her smile again and hear her teasing laughter.

She lowered her slightly red face from his passionate and loving gaze.  If he kept looking at her like this, she felt she would be melted by him.

They were now married and she was his, but he still looked like he wanted to eat her up.  Could it be that all men’s minds thought of that?

[TL Note: Yes.]

Luckily doctor Zhang said they couldn’t live in the same room for a month, otherwise she would have already been eaten by him.

Thinking of doctor Zhang telling them to wait a month and his anxious appearance, Chen Ning couldn’t help laughing with a “puchi” sound.

“This girl, you’re laughing at me in your heart again, aren’t you!”

Mo Chuan saw her long hanging lashes and those eyes that kept turning, filling him with anger and love.

He raised her chin and looked into her eyes, but she kept on smiling, “Mo Chuan, tell me, why would a big man like you be afraid of that long worm?”

She teased him without any fear because she was certain that he would never do anything that would harm her.  He would treat doctor Zhang’s words like a heavenly decree, not going against a single word.

Mo Chuan gritted his teeth.

If it was normal times, he would use his lips to seal her lips and fiercely punish her, but he didn’t dare now.  He could try glaring at her with his eyes, but this girl wasn’t afraid of him at all. She could already see through him and only teased him like this because she knew that he didn’t dare do anything to her.

“Ning’er, it’s best you don’t provoke me now, otherwise in a month I’ll make it so you can’t leave the bed.  I will…..”

He suddenly leaned in and said a few words beside her ears in a low voice.

Chen Ning’s instantly turned red all the way to her ears.

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