Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 968

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Chapter 968: Who is the culprit

“Alright, this one will listen to you.  In this month, this one will live in separate rooms with her and this one will teach her how to cultivate.  Doctor Zhang, it’s been hard on you, please go and rest.”

His eyes fell onto doctor Zhang’s feet without any shoes and his lips slightly pursed.

After doctor Zhang left, Mo Chuan turned around and looked into her dark, sparkling eyes.  Seeing the sweat all over her face, there was a flash of guilt that filled his heart.

“Ning’er, it was all because I couldn’t control myself that you had to suffer.  Are you still very hot?”

Chen Ning shook her head with a smile.  She already felt the flame that was burning her inside her body slowly begin to calm down.

“I’m fine.  Mo Chuan, do you want to live in separate rooms with me?”

Mo Chuan thought: Of course I’m not willing, but we can’t ignore doctor Zhang’s words.  His words definitely were not exaggerated.

He slowly gave a nod before saying with a smile, “But it’s only for a month.  We have already bowed to the heavens to become a couple. What, you can’t even bear to wait a month?”  He had a teasing laugh in his voice.

Chen Ning’s face turned red as she said, “Pei, it’s clearly you who can’t wait.”

“You’re right, I really don’t want to wait.  I’ve been waiting for this day for so long and finally it was time to go to the nuptial chambers with you, but I never thought it would end like this……”

Mo Chuan reached his hands out and softly hugged her before quickly letting go.  He didn’t dare hug her for long because his mind would be distracted if he held her soft body.

Chen Ning had just come back to her senses.  She remembered everything that happened before she fainted and thought of the white dotted black snake which had bitten her finger…..

She instantly shivered and raised her right hand.  The bite mark did not disappear, but the swollen finger returned to its slender, white form.

“Mo Chuan, after I fainted from being bitten, what exactly happened?  Tell me, why did I suddenly become better? That snake’s poison is very powerful, so you must have given me the thousand year old snow ginseng soup, right?  But I clearly remember that the snow ginseng was in Chu Shao Yang’s hands. Did Chu Shao Yang save me?”

Her mind turned very quickly, instantly guessing everything.

Mo Chuan very slowly nodded.  Although his heart wasn’t willing to admit it, he also wasn’t willing to lie to her.

“It was Chu Shao Yang who saved you, he gave the half a piece of thousand year old snow ginseng to save you.  He said that you saved him eight years ago and today he would exchange a life for a life. From this day forth, he wouldn’t owe you anything and you wouldn’t owe him anything.”

Mo Chuan repeated what Chu Shao Yang had said and looked at her without turning.

He only said half of it, there were some things he didn’t want to tell her.

This was because she didn’t have any relationship with Chu Shao Yang anymore.

Chen Ning was a bit surprised for a bit before softly saying, “A life for a life?  Not bad, he said it pretty well. We no longer owe each other anything and we are no longer related from now on.”

She placed her hand on her chest and felt a bit of pain coming from her heart.  She vaguely knew what the reason was, but she wasn’t willing to think about it.

“Mo Chuan, there’s something that I don’t understand.  The present I opened was clearly the Eldest Princess’ box, but why would the snake sent by the Eldest Princess be poisonous?  I don’t believe the Eldest Princess would do this, it must have been someone else’s trick. That person either wanted to harm you or me.”

The more she thought about it, the more unbelievable it was.  If it was said that the Eldest Princess placed a poisonous snake in the box to hurt them, she wouldn’t believe it no matter what.

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