Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 967

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Chapter 967: One month

“It’s nothing?  But she feels very uncomfortable.  You don’t have a way to help relieve this discomfort?”  Mo Chuan stared at him as he spoke.

Doctor Zhang shook his head and said, “Speaking of this, the heat in the empress’ body should be caused by the emperor.”

Mo Chuan knit his brows as he said, “What do you mean?”

Doctor Zhang’s face was a bit warm as he gave a cough, “Emperor, you……Were you and the empress just now…..being intimate?”

After he said this, Mo Chuan and Chen Ning’s face turned red.

“Ke, ke, ke.”  This time Mo Chuan coughed several times.

He couldn’t help glaring at doctor Zhang, thinking that could it be that this old doctor was hiding outside peeking in on them?  How did he even know this!

Doctor Zhang lowered his head and said, “There is one thing this old minister wants to remind you off.  Ke, ke, ke, within a month, you can’t be intimate with the empress. Un…..Ke, ke, especially that……that……”

“What is that?”

“Ke, ke, it’s that……Nuptial chambers.”

“Why not!”  Mo Chuan’s brows tightly furrowed as he glared right at doctor Zhang.

This old doctor wouldn’t be going crazy with old age, right!

Doctor Zhang coughed several times, “This is because the empress’ body will not permit it.  Speaking of this, the effect of the thousand year old snow ginseng soup is too overbearing. The empress’ body is filled with yin and this explosive and warm snow ginseng soup should be a large nourishment to her, but the snake poison the empress suffers from is cold by nature.  It is only temporarily suppressed by the snow ginseng’s medicinal effects, so the empress needs a month to slowly absorb the medicinal effects of the snow ginseng. If you and empress become intimate, the empress will become hot blooded and it is very likely it will excite the snake poison within her, poisoning her again.  At that time, even if it is the thousand year old snow ginseng or another thousand year old herb, it would be hard to…..”

He shook his head and didn’t finish his words, but Mo Chuan and Chen Ning completely understood.

Chen Ning couldn’t help looking at Mo Chuan, it was all because he was being bad.  When she had just woken up, he came over to kiss her like a hungry wolf, causing her body to burn up.

Mo Chuan was worried and impatient.  He grabbed doctor Zhang’s wrist.

“Doctor Zhang, take her pulse again.  Perhaps you just made a mistake now. Didn’t you say that the poison within her body was already cured?  Why did it change now?”

Doctor Zhang saw his anxious red face and he couldn’t help secretly smiling, but he shook his head with a serious expression.

“Does the emperor doubt this old minister’s medical skills?  If the emperor does not believe this old minister, you can have the doctors of the doctor yard take the empress’ pulse together and see if they have the same conclusion as this old minister.”

“This one believes you the most in the doctors yard.  Doctor Zhang, is there really no other way? Do we really need to wait a month?  In this month, if this one…..doesn’t become intimate with her, will she really be safe?”  Mo Chuan looked right at doctor Zhang’s face.

If it really was good for her, he could bear to wait a month!

“Of course.  As long as the empress keeps a calm heart, she will be safe.  The emperor can also give the empress some internal strength mantras, allowing her to cultivate.  This will help her absorb the medicinal strength of the snow ginseng and it’ll be likely be a blessing for the empress, increasing her internal strength.”  Doctor Zhang pondered this before adding these words.

Mo Chuan’s eyes lit up.  Yes, this was an excellent idea.

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