Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 966

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Chapter 966: Snake poison nemesis

Mo Chuan couldn’t help lowering his head to softly place a kiss on her forehead before closing her eyes.

He was thankful to go that she wasn’t taken away!

“Yi, ice, fire?”

Chen Ning seemed to wake up from a long dream as she sleepily opened her eyes.  She met a pair of deep and dark eyes looking right into hers and that familiar gentleness to it made her heart skip a beat.

She felt like there was a warm flame in her chest.

“What ice?  What fire?”

Seeing her wake up, Mo Chuan couldn’t help feeling excited as he asked this with a smile.

Chen Ning was still feeling groggy as she replied. “I dreamed that I was locked in a room of ice and it was very, very cold, so cold that my body was shivering.  There was a sudden fire that was very warm, quickly making it so I wasn’t cold. Soon I wasn’t cold anymore, but I was too warm and wanted to leave the flame, but the flame became stronger and stronger……”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Want to leave the fire?  You should never think of leaving me in this life!”

His arms tightened and he tightly held her in his embrace.  His heart was filled with excitement and he couldn’t control it anymore as he kissed her.

She felt she couldn’t breathe and said while softly gasping, “Mo Chuan, you……Let me go, I’m warm, very warm.”

She had just regained consciousness and received this kind of passionate kiss from him.  She felt her face turn red and her heart beat fast, filling her body with heat.

Her delicate and soft voice made his heart skip a beat.  He opened his arms with a smile, but he still let her lay in his embrace as he rubbed her head.  He found that there were small beads of sweat on her head and her snow white face was quite red.

“Ning’er, do you feel uncomfortable?  Doctor Zhang is in the side hall. If you feel uncomfortable, I’ll have him see you immediately.”  Mo Chuan saw her furrowed brows and his heart came up.

“I just feel hot.  Mo Chuan, why is it so warm?”

When she spoke, Mo Chuan felt like he was hugging a flame.  The redder her face became, the more worried he was.

That thousand year old snow ginseng was a very strong item.  Although it could cure all kinds of poison, it was also a very nourishing item.

She was held in Mo Chuan’s embrace and his body was very warm.  Adding in his passionate kiss, it was like lighting her on fire that made her feel like a fire was passing through her body, burning her up.  It was so hot that she almost couldn’t help pulling off the red wedding dress on her.

“Ning’er, don’t move.  I’ll immediately call doctor Zhang to come and see you.”

Mo Chuan was scared and quickly held her hand, finding that her palm was even warmer than his.

He shouted out, “Someone, quickly call doctor Zhang.”

Doctor Zhang was woken up from his dreams.  He was in a such a panic that he didn’t put on his shoes and directly ran over to take Chen Ning’s pulse barefooted.

“Doctor Zhang, didn’t you say that drinking the snow ginseng soup would cure her of the poison?  Why does she feel like she is being burned alive?”

Mo Chuan held Chen Ning’s hand and didn’t let her move.  Her face was already so red that it looked like it was bleeding.

Doctor Zhang closed his eyes to take her pulse for a while before saying in an understanding voice, “So it’s like this.  Emperor, you don’t need to worry, this is because the empress has taken the thousand year old snow ginseng. Because the empress was inflicted with snake poison which is a cold thing, the poison will cause the person to feel cold.  The snow ginseng is the nemesis of the snake poison, only after it cleared the empress of her poison, its medicinal effects were incited by the snake poison, so the empress feels like she is being burned. This is nothing, this is nothing.”

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