Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 965

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Chapter 965: Regaining what was lost

Doctor Zhang was already old and his wasn’t as spirited as before.  Seeing that the poison was cured after Chen Ning drank the snow ginseng soup, his heart finally relaxed, so he left for the side hall.

Mo Chuan sent people to bring a stretcher and carefully moved Chu Shao Bai to the side hall.  He placed him in the same room as doctor Zhang, making it more convenient for doctor Zhang to take care of him.

After finishing everything, Mo Chuan turned to look back at Chen Ning lying in bed.  He took her hand and although it was still ice cold, it was no longer stiff. Under the warmth of his palm, it slowly began to warm up.

Just like waking up from a nightmare, Mo Chuan’s heart was filled with enough joy and excitement to last his entire life.

The dragon and phoenix candles were still burning in the room and she was still wearing the bright red wedding dress, reminding him that this was still their wedding night and that they were still in their nuptial chamber.

This was a scene Mo Chuan had been waiting a long time for, but he never thought that it would be such a thrilling experience in the end.

He felt that he went from birth to death and then came back to life from death.  It was a good thing that she had escaped this danger and she finally came back to his side.

Tightly holding her hand, he was crying from joy at regaining what he had lost.

“Mo Chuan, Mo Chuan……”

She suddenly muttered, calling out his name.

Suddenly hearing her speak, Mo Chuan was shocked and joyful.  He leaned into her face and said in a gentle voice, “Ning’er, I’m here, right beside you.  Can you hear me?”

Her face was still pale, her lips had no blood, and she shook her head gently on the pillow.  Her beautiful brows slightly knit and her silky black hair fell onto her shoulders on both sides.

“Take it away, take the ice block away.  I’m cold, cold…..” She teeth chattered.


Mo Chuan was stunned before immediately covering her with a blanket.  He also laid down beside her and wrapped his arms around her, gently holding her in his embrace as he used his body heat to warm her up.

Feeling his warmth, she dug into his embrace, curling up like a little kitten.  She no longer shivered and she slept very soundly.

He let out a soft breath.  Afraid that there would be another accident, he placed his hand into her robe and felt her heartbeat.

It felt soft and smooth, and her body was was no longer cold and stiff.  Her skin had returned to its normal softness and it felt like smooth jade to his burning hands.

Her heart was beating very strong, jumping in his palm again and again.

Mo Chuan’s breathing unknowingly became stronger as his chin went into her hair, tightly holding her in his embrace.

Doctor Zhang had said it, she would wake up when it was daybreak.  That thousand year old snow ginseng really did have the effect of bringing the dead back to life.  Not long ago, her body was frozen stiff without a trace of warmth, but the current her was soft and warm as she laid in his embrace.

Mo Chuan felt like he was dreaming and he didn’t dare believe this was real.  He actually did something this silly. He pinched his thigh and feeling the pain that came from it, a smile filled his face.

Great, this wasn’t a dream.  She really was lying in his embrace and he could hear her breathing.

He could see her long and curled lashes just by looking down.  Her pure white cheeks had a layer of blush to it that was very moving.  Her lips were slightly tilted and looked very full.

Although her eyes weren’t open, Mo Chuan could feel that her body was filled with vitality.  She was truly alive!

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