Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 964

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Chapter 964: His pride

“Rebelling, this is simply rebelling!  Is King Ding Yuan planning to rebel?”

When Ye Ting Xuan heard the shocking words Chu Shao Yang left behind, he was stunned to his spot.

“Ting Xuan, forget what you just heard, you can’t remember a single word.”  Mo Chuan said in a deep voice.

He looked in the direction Chu Shao Yang with a complicated gaze.

Chu Shao Yang’s words were indeed rebelling, but Mo Chuan wasn’t angry at all.

This was because no matter what, when her life was in danger, Chu Shao Yang sent the life saving thousand year old snow ginseng.  No matter what goal Chu Shao Yang had in doing this, he didn’t care.

“Yes, emperor, Ting Xuan heard nothing just now.”  Ye Ting Xuan said in a serious voice.

Mo Chuan nodded.

“But Ting Xuan doesn’t understand, what meaning does King Ding Yuan have?  He plotted to have Shao Bai send the poison ginseng soup over, didn’t he want to kill the empress?  Didn’t he want to get revenge on the emperor? Why would he suddenly change his heart and give up the snow ginseng like this without asking for anything?  He doesn’t even want the throne when it is at hand?”

Ye Ting Xuan was confused.  He thought that Chu Shao Yang hated the emperor and would use the snow ginseng to make emperor do the thing he didn’t want to do the most, but the ending far surpassed his expectations.

“You don’t understand?  This one does.” Mo Chuan said in a meaningful voice, “He has his own pride and honour, he isn’t willing to use her life to take something from this one because he…..doesn’t want her to look down on him when she finds out.  In the end, he still can’t…..forget his love for Ning’er.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t forget his love, rather his love was deeply rooted.  For her, Chu Shao Yang didn’t want anything, including the throne.

But Mo Chuan didn’t want to say this as his lips formed a narrow line.

Without knowing why, even though he could see through Chu Shao Yang’s heart, he didn’t want anyone to know, especially her.

Doctor Zhang quickly brought the medicine over after decocting it.

Although he knew that the medicine decocted by doctor Zhang wouldn’t be poisoned, Mo Chuan didn’t dare be negligent.  He first used the silver needle to test for poison before personally swallowing a mouthful. Only when he felt a warm feeling fill his body did his heart relax.

Chen Ning draw that snow ginseng soup.  After a while, her chest began to rise and fall slightly and that dark look covering her face began to fade slowly.

Doctor Zhang took her pulse and said, “The empress’ poison has been cured.  As long as she rests for a night, she’ll wake up tomorrow.”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help closing his eyes and letting out a long breath.

Good, she was finally safe.

He looked up at Ye Ting Xuan, “Ting Xuan, you’ve worked hard all night, go back and rest.  The Eldest Princess must be waiting for your news. Go and tell her that Ning’er is fine.”

Hearing doctor Zhang’s words, Ye Ting Xuan’s heart finally fell down from his throat.

Speaking of this, this storm was raised by the Eldest Princess.  If anything did happen to Chen Ning, he and the Eldest Princess wouldn’t be able to escape the blame and the Eldest Princess would never be happy again in her life.

He bid Mo Chuan farewell and quickly left the palace because there was still something important in his heart.  He had to find the real perpetrator who switched the boxes!

“Doctor Zhang, you can also go to the side hall to rest.  Shao Bai’s injuries still need to be taken care of by you, so be sure to let Shao Bai recover as soon as possible.”  Mo Chuan said.

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