Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 952

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Chapter 952: Want your life to be buried as well

Chu Shao Bai stood there without saying a word.  He ignored Chu Shao Yang who was shouting out the window like a lunatic and picked up the jade seal that Chu Shao Yang and Mo Chuan had dropped, putting it into his chest.

He also picked up the decree with the jade seal stamp and ripped it to pieces.  He reached out towards Chu Shao Yang and the pieces fell down like snowflakes, falling onto Chu Shao Yang’s head, body, and shoulders…..

Chu Shao Yang turned back from the window, looking at Chu Shao Bai in a daze.

“What are you doing?  You…..What did you just rip?  The decree? My abdication decree?  Chu Shao Bai, you actually ripped my abdication decree!  You….I’ll kill you!”

He took a piece of paper from his shoulder and looking at it, his eyes turned red.  With a wild roar, he charged out at Chu Shao Bai.

Chu Shao Bai’s figure flashed and avoided the attack that was like that of a wild tiger’s.  He sent a palm back which landed right on Chu Shao Yang’s back, causing him to fall to the floor.

Chu Shao Yang’s martial arts was not below Chu Shao Bai’s, but his mind was in chaos, so that was just an empty move.  It was very easy for Chu Shao Bai to knock it aside.

But Chu Shao Bai didn’t use a tenth of his strength, so Chu Shao Yang was not injured.  He rose from the ground and raised his left hand, which had an extra cold glowing sword in it.

“Chu Shao Bai, you force me!  You’re the one seeking death!”

He stabbed out at Chu Shao Bai’s chest.

With a “chi” sound, the sword entered his chest, passing through his chest to his back.  The fresh blood immediately stained his white as snow clothes.

Chu Shao Bai’s body slightly swayed and he couldn’t stand straight.

He did not look at the sword penetrating his body.  His eyes were teary as he looked at Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned.  He looked at Chu Shao Bai with his clothes soaked in blood and that handsome face that was drained of blood.  His body slightly swayed as his hands holding the sword began to tremble.

“You, you, why didn’t you dodge?  Why? I…..I didn’t do it on purpose.  Shao Bai, you could clearly dodge that stab, why didn’t you dodge it!”

Chu Shao Yang pulled out the sword and blood splattered from Chu Shao Bai’s chest as the sword was pulled out.  The hot blood splashed onto Chu Shao Yang’s face and it burned him like a flame.

With the sword pulled out, Chu Shao Bai couldn’t stand straight.  With a sway, he fell right back.

Chu Shao Yang charged over to grab him.  His fingers moved as fast as lightning, quickly poking several main acupuncture points on Chu Shao Bai’s chest to stop the bleeding and then quickly took out the medicine from his chest.

For people like them who practiced martial arts, they always carried medicine with them.

“Medicine?  Where is it?”

He fumbled all over his clothes, but found his chest was empty.  He finally realized that he wore a festive dress for the palace banquet, how could he have medicine on him.

“Someone, someone come quickly!  Where’s father’s hidden guards? All of you scram out for father!”

Chu Shao Yang roared out, but it was silent outside and not a single person appeared.

He immediately understood.  The hidden guards must have been silently sent away by Mo Chuan when he came, so he could only grit his teeth in hatred.

“Chu Mo Chuan, if Shao Bai dies, I want your life to go with his!”

He softly placed Chu Shao Bai on the couch, “Shao Bai, just wait, I’ll immediately bring medicine for you!  No matter what, I won’t let you die!”

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