Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 951

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Chapter 951: Only want one night

“Very good, I won’t beg you anymore.  I can’t agree to your condition no matter what.”

After saying this, he turned and jumped out the window.

“Chu Mo Chuan, stop!  Come back here!”

Chu Shao Yang never would have thought that he would leave like this.  He quickly rushed to the window and shouted out in a sharp voice.

“I’m not done talking yet!  I can change this condition, I will change this condition!”

Mo Chuan stopped and he turned around.  His red wedding robes fluttered in the wind and it highlighted his pale face.

“What condition?”

Although he clearly knew that Chu Shao Yang wouldn’t give up that easily, but he still had a trace of hope.

Chu Shao Yang looked over and he thought it over, “I don’t want you to marry her to me, she will still be your Chu Mo Chuan’s empress, but I want her to be with me for a night!  I want your wedding night! You can agree to this condition, right? She won’t know who I am and I won’t tell her who I am. As long as the candle is blown out, she won’t be able to see and will know nothing.”

“Chu Shao Yang!  You are too shameless!  You can even say this kind of shameless, despicable, and disgusting kind of words, you, you……You are simply not a man!”  Chu Shao Bai’s face was completely red as he cursed Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang had an uncaring smile as he said, “I have a temper.  The things I want, I will use all my strength to obtain. Even if I can’t obtain her heart, I want her body.  Chu Mo Chuan, as long as you let me be with her for a night, I’ll agree to your request and I’ll never bother her again.  I only want one night, this condition isn’t overboard, right?”


The answer he received was a fierce slap to the face from Mo Chuan.

This slap was very strong.  Chu Shao Yang only felt his face burn and blood fill his mouth.

“Chu Mo Chuan, you dare hit me!  Based on what? Do you know that her life is in my hand?  If I don’t save her, she will die!”

Chu Shao Yang went crazy with anger, roaring out at Mo Chuan with beast like red eyes.

Mo Chuan didn’t say another word.  After hitting Chu Shao Yang, he looked at him with a gaze filled with contempt before leaving without even turning back.

“Chu Mo Chuan, come back here!  Don’t you want the snow ginseng to save her life?  Come back and beg me, kneel down and admit your wrongs and I’ll give it to you.  You…..Come back!”

That look of contempt from Mo Chuan had defeated Chu Shao Yang, it made all the joy in his heart disappear without a trace.

He looked at the empty window in disbelief as Mo Chuan’s red figure had already disappeared.

He left?  He actually left like this?

Didn’t he want to save her?  Didn’t he want to give everything up to save her?  How could he leave just like this?

He did not even get to enjoy the thrill of winning before the other side gave him a fierce slap.  The anger in his chest had not even been vented yet, how could he leave just like this!

“Chu Mo Chuan, I’m telling you, if I don’t save here, there is only death for her!  Do you hear me?  Fucking scram back here for father!”

Chu Shao Yang cursed out in rage.  There was only Mo Chuan’s look of contempt in his eyes, like he was looking at trash, looking at shit…..

He was simply going crazy from his anger.

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