Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 953

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Chapter 953: Who should he save

Chu Shao Yang charged out of the Peach Blossom Cove.  His feet were in a panic and his heart was in chaos, actually forgetting to use his qinggong.  Only when the cold wind blew across his hot cheeks did he come back to his senses.

His mind was hit by two thunderbolts that made him unable to think properly.

Ning’er was poisoned, she was about to die…..

Shao Bai was stabbed by a sword, he was about to die……

One was his beloved girl and one was his closest brother, why did all the people closest to him have to leave?


He really wanted to roar into the sky and curse out.

But he couldn’t do anything now.  He had to quickly save Shao Bai, no matter what.  He couldn’t let his hands be stained with the blood of his little brother, he couldn’t!

He charged into the underground secret room in one breath, that unfinished piece of snow ginseng was placed there.  Although the thousand year old snow ginseng was a rare treasure in this world, he didn’t treat it as any kind of treasure.  He kept it because looking at it, he couldn’t help thinking of her.

The thousand year old snow ginseng, it had the magical effect of healing all kinds of poison.  With it, Chu Shao Bai could be saved!

Chu Shao Yang knew how powerful his sword was.  That long sword stabbed through Chu Shao Bai’s chest and although it didn’t pierce his heart, he had lost a large amount of blood.

But there was only half of the snow ginseng left.  If he saved Shao Bai, he couldn’t save her!

Who should he save?

Chu Shao Yang held the snow ginseng as he was stuck in this painful contradiction.

In front of Mo Chuan, his words were filled with grievances.  Even if Mo Chuan kneeled to him, he didn’t relax.

But he asked himself, could he really watch her die without saving her?  Was he really like Chu Shao Bai said he was, hating her to the point of wanting her to die?

He did hate he!

When she divorced him in front of thousands of eyes from West Chu and East Qin, he did hate her!

When she went into Na Mu Cuo’s cart without even looking back, he hated her!

When he said that he would dig his heart out and she didn’t even look at him, he hated her!

When she wore a red veil and married another man, he hated her!

But the deeper his hate, the deeper his love.  When he heard that she was about to die, his entire heart trembled.

Only he could save her in this world, his thousand year old snow ginseng could save her life.  He thought that this was the best gift god had ever given him. After going around in circles, she could finally return to his side.

The snow ginseng in his hand became his best blackmail and his greatest weapon!

But Chu Shao Yang never dreamed that this weapon would actually fail!  Mo Chuan actually didn’t accept his condition. He would rather let her die than to give her to Chu Shao Yang.  He wasn’t even willing to give him one short night!

Since it was like this, why would he, Chu Shao Yang use the medicine to save her!

Saving her and then watching her become someone else’s wife?  Being with the man he hated the most? She would enjoy carnal pleasures with that man?

He, Chu Shao Yang would never be this kind of fool!

Not to mention that Chu Shao Bai was his blood related little brother.  Blood was thicker than water, how could he watch Chu Shao Bai die without saving him?

Chu Shao Yang quickly made his decision, he would save Chu Shao Bai!

“Ning’er, ah Ning’er, don’t blame or hate me.  If you blame me, you can only hate yourself. As long as you showed me any warmth, I wouldn’t watch you die like this!”

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