Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 941

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Chapter 941: He can do it, can you?

He held the book in his head and flipped a few pages, but he couldn’t get into the book.  He stared at the book in a daze as his mind wandered and his heart went into the royal palace.

He couldn’t help thinking about it, how did she become the emperor’s bride?  He clearly saw he leaving with Na Mu Cuo’s envoy, could it be that Na Mu Cuo let her go?

Perhaps he and his third brother had saw the wrong person, it was just a girl that was very like her.

Chu Shao Bai gave a faint sigh and put down the book.  He turned around and saw Chu Shao Yang staring right at him with red eyes.

He thought about it and relieved Chu Shao Yang’s mute acupuncture point.

Chu Shao Yang immediately began cursing.

“Chu Shao Bai, release father’s damn acupuncture point!”

He shook his head, “Third brother, if I release your acupuncture point, you will charge into the royal palace.  You will offend the emperor and create a large problem! I hope that you can relax. Whether the one getting married today is Ning’er or not, you do not have the right to ruin their marriage.  They have already been married.”

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth and coldly said, “Chu Shao Bai, you are a true fool!  You are completely devoted to the emperor, even giving your beloved woman to him, but how does he treat you?  Does he even believe you? Did he ever thank you? Never! He does not believe you at all, he hides everything from you, you are even sadder than me!  He sold you and you even help him count the money! Are you a fool or not? You are even helping him now, do you even know relationships! I Chu Shao Yang am your biological brother, we have blood that runs thicker than water!  What does he, Chu Mo Chuan count for, he is just a thief that has stolen our royal father’s position! He stole my throne and also stole my woman, should I hate him or not! Tell me, tell me!”

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned white and his fists tightened, causing his knuckles to crack.

“Third brother, shut up!  The things you’re saying now are truly disrespectful to the emperor.  Your emperor position was not stolen by the emperor, it was because third brother was young at that time and our West Chu was filled with internal and external problems.  If third brother took the throne at that time, not only would you have not saved royal father, you would have harmed out West Chu Country’s citizens…..”

Chu Shao Bai didn’t even finish before he was cut off by Chu Shao Yang’s cold laugh.

“Ha, ha, Chu Shao Bai, who told you this?  I was young back then, how old were you then?  How much do you understand? How much do you know!  If my guesses aren’t wrong, the Empress Dowager should have said many things in your ears over the years.  Were these things all told to you by her? Hei, hei, that mother and son are working together, birds of the feather flock together!  They stole my emperor throne and they even make themselves look better in court, do they even want face! Chu Mo Chuan doesn’t want face, his mother Empress Dowager Zhou doesn’t want face!”

Chu Shao Bai’s face became even more white and his lips trembled.  If these words were spread, it wouldn’t be enough for Chu Shao Yang even if he had a hundred heads.

“Third brother, don’t speak anymore.  This matter isn’t like you say it is, the emperor stepped up at a dangerous time!  Over all these years, he didn’t want to be the emperor at all. You haven’t seen how much effort he has put in for our West Chu citizens.  Over these ten years, he has taken care of our country, letting our citizens avoid war and live good lives. If it was you on the emperor’s throne back then, could you do everything the emperor did?”

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