Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 942

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Chapter 942: Only having this life left

“That is because the emperor’s throne was not mine!  How do you know I can’t do it! I hate that mother and son, I hate them for taking my throne and taking my wife!  I will steal back everything that belongs to me! Chu Shao Bai, if you are still my blood related little brother, you will not stop me and you will stand with me!  Could it be that you have forgotten where our royal father is now? He is trapped in the East Qin Country, he is living a life worse than death! But what about Chu Mo Chuan?  After all these years, has he ever thought of sending troops to East Qin? Has he thought of saving our royal father? He never did! This is because he is afraid that after our royal father comes back, he will steal back his emperor throne!”

Chu Shao Yang was panting just like an angry lion.

He shouted everything louder and louder, shouting out in desperation.

He had suppressed these words in his heart for ten years, almost making himself suffocate.

Chu Shao Bai’s lips quivered.  He wanted to refute these words, but he didn’t know how.

Thinking of the royal father he hadn’t seen in ten years, his heart was filled with pain and sorrow.  He lived a sheltered life in the capital city, but what about his royal father? He was living under the captivity of another country and he didn’t even know if his royal father was alive or dead.

He devoted himself to the emperor, wishing to making the West Chu stronger day by day to defeat East Qin, saving his royal father.

But after ten years, he still didn’t see a trace of hope.  East Qin became stronger day by day and West Chu swayed in the wind, with East Qin being able to blow them over with a single breath.

Saving his royal father back had already become a dream that could not be realized.

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes became warm and tears almost came out.

“Third brother, stop speaking.  It isn’t that the emperor doesn’t wish to save royal father, only it isn’t the time now.  Our soldiers are far from comparing to the East Qin soldiers and even if we send them out, we don’t have any chance of winning!  If you keep saying these words, it is tantamount to trying to usurp the throne…..”

“Ha, ha, usurp the throne?  Whose court am I planning against!  Whose throne am I usurping! It is clearly Chu Mo Chuan usurping my throne, I am just taking back what belongs to me!”  Chu Shao Yang roared out.

“Third brother, speak a bit softer.  Even if this is your palace, that doesn’t mean the walls don’t have ears.  If this kind of words are heard by the emperor, will you still be able to live!”

“What am I afraid of?  I have nothing right now.  The throne, my princess…..The only thing left is my life.  If he, Chu Mo Chuan want it, he can just take it!”

“Third brother, you…..”

Chu Shao Bai saw that Chu Shao Yang was in madness, not knowing how to wake him up.  His ears suddenly piqued and he heard the sound of wind blowing leaves.

Although the sound was very soft, with the ears of a martial arts expert like Chu Shao Bai, he could tell what it was instantly.  It was not the sound of a leaf falling, it was the arrival of a qinggong expert.

“Who is it!”

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned cold and didn’t even think as he unlocked Chu Shao Yang’s acupuncture point.

His instincts told him the one who came was an enemy, perhaps they were here to attack his third brother.

Chu Shao Yang did not even have time to rise from the bed as a cold voice came from the window.

“It’s me.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Chu Shao Yang and Chu Shao Bai’s faces fell.

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