Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 940

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Chapter 940: Only hope

Thousand year old snow ginseng?

Mo Chuan’s mind suddenly lit up.  He quickly looked up at Ye Ting Xuan.

“This one remembers it, the thousand year old snow ginseng!  That’s right, it’s the thousand year old snow ginseng! Ning’er told me before that Chu Shao Yang had fed her a snow ginseng soup, but he had placed a despicable medicine inside the soup…..That’s right, that snow ginseng soup is what is keeping Ning’er’s heart alive!”

His mood was very complicated.  He didn’t know whether to hate Chu Shao Yang or thank him for saving Ning’er.

“Emperor, the empress has only consumed one bowl of snow ginseng soup.  As far as this minister knows, the East Qin Crown Prince’s snow ginseng was completely formed, so it’s impossible for there to only be a single bowl.  So, this minister thinks that King Ding Yuan must have remaining snow ginseng. As long as the emperor send people to find King Ding Yuan, if he takes out the remaining snow ginseng, the empress can be saved.”

Ye Ting Xuan said this and silently retreated to the side.

He knew that for Chu Shao Yang to take out the snow ginseng to save Chen Ning, it was harder than ascending to the heavens, but this was the only hope for saving Chen Ning!

Mo Chuan’s pupils shrank, he already understood Ye Ting Xuan’s meaning.

That’s right, only Chu Shao Yang could save her now, but would Chu Shao Yang be  willing to take out the snow ginseng to save her?

Mo Chuan thought of Chu Shao Yang’s eyes filled with wild hatred.  He knew that Chu Shao Yang would never agree!

But this was the only way to save her.

He had to agree whether he wanted to or not!

“Ting Xuan, help this one guard this place, don’t let anyone come in to disturb her.  Don’t even let the Empress Dowager come in, understand? As long as anyone dares take a step into the Guan Yu Palace, you can kill them!  This is this one’s golden token, taking this will represent this one, your words are this one’s words. This one wants you to protect her, can you do it?”

Mo Chuan took his golden token from his waist and placed it in Ye Ting Xuan’s hand.

Ye Ting Xuan kneeled as he accepted it and said in a clear voice, “This minister will not betray the emperor’s trust.”

He knew what the emperor wanted to do.  When he took the golden token, it was like a heavy burden falling onto his shoulders.

“Alright, this one will temporarily entrust her to you.  Within twenty four hours, this one will definitely come back!”

Mo Chua said this and he turned back to take a deep look at Chen Ning, before leaving without even looking back.

Ye Ting Xuan saw his red figure flash and appear onto the roof.


At this time, Chu Shao Bai was carrying Chu Shao Yang back to the Ding Yuan Palace.

He directly went into the Peach Blossom Cove and placed Chu Shao Yang in the chair, but he didn’t relieve his acupuncture point.

“Third brother, little brother knows you must hate me, but I can’t let you make another mistake no matter what.  When the sun rises tomorrow, I will relieve your acupuncture point. Tonight, just have a good rest, alright? Your little brother will be with you the entire time.”

The anger in Chu Shao Yang’s chest raised again.  His eyes stared right at Chu Shao Bai’s face, wishing he could make holes in his face.

If it wasn’t for his mute acupuncture point being poked, he would have cursed out at Chu Shao Bai.

Naturally Chu Shao Bai knew, so he didn’t release his acupuncture point to save his ears.

He thought about it and placed Chu Shao Yang in bed, placing the blanket over him.

The sky was gradually turning dark at this time, as dusk light filled the room.

Chu Shao Bai lit a candle and picked up a book from the table, preparing to read until daybreak.

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