Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 939

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Chapter 939: A legendary rare treasure

Doctor Zhang thought over this for a bit before suddenly looking up at Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, after the empress was poisoned, did you give her any antidotes?  Or perhaps any spiritual medicines?”

Mo Chuan shook his head, “After she was poisoned, she quickly stopped breathing.  This one…..didn’t have a chance to give her any antidotes.”

“That is very strange.  The empress’ breathing has stopped and her body is cold, so she should be dead, but her heart is still beating and her chest is still warm.  According to this old minister’s analysis, the empress should have taken some kind of thousand year old herb. It is because of this herb that the empress has kept her life.”  Doctor Zhang pondered while stroking his beard.

Mo Chuan’s eyes lit up, “Then your meaning is that we can save her as long as long as we have this thousand year old herb, right?”

“It should be like this.  The poison inflicting the empress is very strong, immediately killing after being bit.  The empress being able to live until now should be because of the herb she has taken before.  This thousand year old herb has the effect of bringing someone back to life and if one can be obtained, the empress can be saved, but these things are legendary things seen once in a hundred years.  This old minister has only heard it before and has never seen it before. To obtain these things, it isn’t as easy as talking about them!”

He said this while shaking his head and sighing.

The rising light of hope in Mo Chuan’s eyes instantly dimmed.  He gritted his teeth and looked at Zhui Feng, “Zhui Feng, send out all the secret guards to find a thousand year old herb.  No matter the price, you must obtain it!”

Zhui Feng replied, “Yes, emperor.”

He prepared to leave, but heard doctor Zhang say, “Emperor, unless you can find the antidote within twenty four hours, it will be too late.  The remainder of the herb before can only guard the empress’ heart for another twenty four hours. If the time passes, even an immortal would be helpless.”

Xiao Si and Zhui Feng couldn’t help giving an “ah” sound as their faces turned pale.  They looked at each other and saw the look of despair in each other’s faces.

There was only twenty four hours, but they had to find something legendary that was hard to find, this was like ascending to the heavens!

“Zhui Feng, why aren’t you going already!”

Mo Chuan gave a low roar, instantly waking Zhui Feng from his daze.

“Yes.”  Zhui Feng didn’t hesitate any longer, using his qinggong to disappear in front of everyone.

Mo Chuan tightly grit his teeth.  There was only twenty four hours, this meant that she could only live another twenty four hours.  This was only giving him twenty four hours of hope!

“Xiao Si, go send people to the capital medicine stores and look for thousand year old herbs!  You can’t miss a single one!”

“Yes, emperor.”  Xiao Si replied and suddenly flew off.

Mo Chuan turned around and slowly sat in front of the bed, holding Chen Ning’s hand and looking at her face.  In these twenty four hours, he would not leave her for a second and stay here watching over her.

Doctor Zhang couldn’t help shaking his head.  He picked up his medicine bag to leave and headed to the side palace to prepare some medicine because the emperor was also poisoned.  As a doctor, he also had to keep the take care of the emperor.

Ye Ting Xuan who hadn’t said a word for a long time suddenly came forward.

“Emperor, Ting Xuan has suddenly thought of something.  Do you still remember the thousand year old snow ginseng the East Qin Crown Prince Na Mu Cuo gave King Ding Yuan?”

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