Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 938

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Chapter 938: Heart, still beating

“Impossible, impossible!  This old minister has been a doctor for decades.  How could a person’s heart still beat when their pulse has already stopped, definitely impossible.”

Doctor Zhang shook his shook his white haired head and looked at Mo Chuan with sympathy and pity.

“Emperor, people cannot revive after dying.  Emperor, you are still in grief. You were also poisoned, so this old minister will give you some medicine to help detoxify you.”

He stood up to take his medicine box after saying this, but there was a tightening around his wrist as Mo Chuan tightly held it.

“Emperor, you…..What do you want to do?”  He stuttered as he looked at Mo Chuan. He was already frightened by the other side’s killing intent.

Mo Chuan looked right at him, saying word for word, “Save her!  This one wants you to save her! This one will say again, she is not dead!  This one has personally touched it, her chest is still warm and her heart is still beating!”

“Im, impossible…..”  Doctor Zhang had a look of disbelief.

“There is no impossible in this world!  She is not dead. If you say that she is dead again, this one will want your life!”  Mo Chuan shouted in an annoyed voice. His eyes was indeed filled with killing intent.

Doctor Zhang shivered.  Although he could see that the emperor was filled with pain, his mind was still very clear.

Could it be the empress really wasn’t dead?

But that was impossible!

She clearly already no longer had a pulse and her body was ice cold, how could her heart still be beating?

Doctor Zhang knit his brows and once again looked over Chen Ning on the bed.  This time he didn’t take her pulse and looked over her face. Her face was pale and her lips were blue, but her face didn’t change at all.  It looked like she was asleep and she didn’t look like she was dead.

“Emperor, this one wants to listen to the empress’ heart.  I wonder….what the emperor thinks about that?”

Doctor Zhang felt awkward as he began to believe Mo Chuan’s words.  Perhaps her heart was still beating, but this wasn’t known yet.

Hearing this, Mo Chuan’s face instantly sunk and he said with a dark look, “Could it be you don’t believe this one?  This one says her heart is still beating, this is not false!”

“No, no, emperor, this old minister didn’t mean that.  Only this old minister wants to listen to the empress’ heartbeat to know if she can still be saved.”  Doctor Zhang nervously explained.

Mo Chuan’s face became incomparably ugly as he glared at doctor Zhang, “No!”  He firmly said.

Even if it was to save her, even if doctor Zhang was already this old, he wouldn’t let this old doctor touch her chest.

Doctor Zhang revealed an awkward look.  He took out a red string from his medical bag which he gave to Mo Chuan and said, “The emperor can place this string on the empress’ chest and this old minister can take her pulse.”

Mo Chuan’s tight expression instantly relaxed.  This method could be accepted.

He took the strong without another word and placed it over her heart.

Doctor Zhang took the other side of the red string and closed his eyes.  He found that there was a faint beating from the other side of the red string and although the heartbeat was only half that of a normal person’s, her heart was still slowly beating.

As long as her heart was beating, she wasn’t dead!

Doctor Zhang opened his eyes and there was a confused look in them.  In his decades of experience as a doctor, he had never seen this kind of patient before.

Her body was clearly ice cold, so why was there a heartbeat?

Strange, truly strange!

Everyone in the room were holding their breath, looking at him without turning.  No one dared to disrupt his thoughts and everyone had great hopes towards him.

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