Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 937

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Chapter 937: Unable to be saved

Zhui Feng charged right to the door before putting doctor Zhang down.

Doctor Zhang was dizzy and wanted to curse Zhui Feng, but suddenly looking around, he saw the emperor and Chen Ning.  Seeing Chen Ning lying on the bed unmoving, his eyes opened wide. He didn’t have time to scold Zhui Feng as he walked in with his old legs.

“Emperor, let this old minister take the empress’ pulse.”

When doctor Zhang saw it was Chen Ning in the bridal dress, he didn’t reveal any surprise.  Rather he felt this was just right.

He had been a doctor in the palace for decades, he had seen all kinds of things before and the matter between Mo Chuan and Chen Ning was never hidden from him.  He knew what he should say and what he shouldn’t say.

Even in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, he did not slip up in the slightest.

It was because of this that he obtained the trust of Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan.

“Doctor Zhang, save her.  This one believes you’ll definitely be able to save her!”

Hearing doctor Zhang’s voice, Mo Chuan took a deep breath.  He looked up and tightly grabbed doctor Zhang’s wrist with a hand covered in cold sweat.

Doctor Zhang didn’t nod or shake his head.  He looked at Chen Ning’s face and his mood sunk.  He never made a promise for things he wasn’t sure on.

“Emperor, this old minister will do his best.”

Mo Chuan nodded and hs hand released.  He looked at doctor Zhang without blinking and he looked at doctor Zhang’s expression, hoping he would say: There is a chance.

Doctor Zhang placed three fingers on Chen Ning’s wrist and closed his eyes.

Very soon, his two white brows jumped up.  Opening his eyes, he had a look of astonishment, “There’s no pulse, why isn’t there a pulse?”

Mo Chuan’s heart beat along with him.  Without having time to speak, doctor Zhang suddenly looked at him and took his pulse.

“Doctor Zhang, this one wants you to save her, you’re taking the pulse for the wrong person!”  Mo Chuan suppressed his anger. If the other side wasn’t doctor Zhang, he would have slapped them away.

“Emperor, please forgive this old minister for being blunt, the empress…..She is certainly dead.  Emperor, you are filled with grief, but there is still poison inside you. If you don’t detox this poison soon, it’ll be too late.  This old minister is unable to save the empress’ life, but this minister will give a prescription to clear the poison inside the emperor’s body.”

Doctor Zhang took his hand back and said to Zhui Feng, “Bring my medical bag over.”

He had been a doctor for decades, seeing many natural deaths and premature deaths, so now he was talking from the perspective of a doctor, not taking into consideration the thoughts of the one listening.

His words were like a clap of thunder, paralyzing everyone present.

Mo Chuan was stunned, Zhui Feng was stunned, Xiao Si and Ye Ting Xuan were all stunned.

Xiao Si was the first one to react.  He couldn’t help knitting his brows at doctor Zhang, thinking that this old doctor was too confused, speaking this directly!

Even if the empress can’t be saved, he could give a more mild point of view.  Saying it this directly, how could the emperor accept this?

“Doctor Zhang, you’re speaking nonsense.  She is not dead, her heart is still beating.  Take her pulse again, look carefully for it!”

Mo Chuan forcefully controlled himself, letting out this calm voice.

He really had the impulse just now to slap doctor Zhang’s head off.

She was clearly still alive, but he was saying that she was dead!  This was simply just cursing her!

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