Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 936

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Chapter 936: Switching out

If it really was Empress Dowager Zhou, even if doctor Zhang could save her, she wouldn’t be able to escape Empress Dowager Zhou’s grasps.

This was because in the royal harem, Empress Dowager Zhou was the leader.  If she wanted someone to disappear without a sound, she had many methods.

Chen Ning had just entered the palace, how could she beat Empress Dowager Zhou?

Should he tell this speculation to the emperor and have him make preparations?

Ye Ting Xuan hesitated a bit before shaking his head.

It couldn’t be Empress Dowager Zhou!

His eyes fell onto the gift box in his hand.

He could confirm that this matter wasn’t related to Empress Dowager Zhou at all.

This was because after placing this dangerous poisonous snake in the Eldest Princess’ gift box, the one who opened the box could have been the emperor or Chen Ning.

If Empress Dowager Zhou sent someone to do it, she wouldn’t have considered that the snake could also bite the emperor?

Even if she hated Chen Ning and wanted her to die, she was still the emperor’s biological mother and she couldn’t bear to see him come under any harm.  Not to mention that the emperor was most afraid of snakes and as her mother, how could she let her child be scared like this?

So it definitely couldn’t be Empress Dowager Zhou!

But other than Empress Dowager Zhou, which woman would be this daring to try and harm the emperor as well?  What grudge did she have with the emperor?

Could it be love turning into hate?  Unable to obtain what one wanted?

According to what Ye Ting Xuan knew, there were countless girls who loved the emperor in the capital city and there were countless girls who wanted to ascend into a phoenix, so the killer was among them.  Because they heard the emperor was getting married, they were filled with jealousy and wanted to kill!

Ye Ting Xuan tightly knit his brows as he thought that this was hard to take care of.  To find the killer, it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

That maid definitely was not the main perpetrator, it was very likely she was bought by someone and swapped the box, placing the black spotted snake for the Eldest Princess’ defanged snack.

That person didn’t care if the snake bit the emperor or the empress, she just wanted to kill and take revenge!

No matter who was bitten to death, that person would have accomplished their goal!

This person…..Such a ruthless heart!  Such a sinister plan!

Ye Ting Xuan’s heart was suddenly filled with anger.  He wanted to rush to the Eldest Princess’ palace now and drag out the murderer.  This person definitely couldn’t be allowed to remain in this world, otherwise they would use another deadly trap to kill!

The person they would kill next could be the emperor or the Eldest Princess!

At this time, he suddenly heard the sound of rushed horse hooves coming from outside as two horses charged towards the Guan Yu Palace.

The royal palace banned horses and if anyone dared ride a horse, it was either the emperor or a large matter that concerned lives.

It had to be doctor Zhang coming over!

Ye Ting Xuan’s eyes suddenly lit up.  The horse hooves stopped at the palace gate and a grey figure came out, with Xiao Si following behind him.

“Zhui Feng, slow down.  Don’t break doctor Zhang, he still has the save the empress!”

That grey figure was Zhui Feng, he had been following doctor Zhang the entire time.  When they heard the news from Xiao Si, he and doctor Zhang turned cold in fright.

He did not hesitate at all as he grabbed doctor Zhang’s medicine bag and jumped onto a horse with doctor Zhang without saying another word.  He rode off to the Guan Yu Palace, riding as fast as possible, afraid that he would be too late.

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