Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 935

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Chapter 935: Scapegoat

Ye Ting Xuan nodded.  His expression was serious and there were some things that weren’t convenient to tell the Eldest Princess, so he waved his hand and the Eldest Princess quickly headed back.

Mo Chuan was guarding beside the bed, not listening to what Ye Ting Xuan and the Eldest Princess said at all.

He already didn’t care who it was that harmed Ning’er, he just wanted her to come back to life!  Even if he had to exchange his life, he was willing!

He held onto her cold and stiff hands, causing his heart to tremble again.  Other than her chest that was a bit warm, her entire body was ice cold and stiff.  He couldn’t help placing his face to her chest again, feeling the faint warmth and the weak heartbeat.  Only like this was he sure that she was still alive.

Ye Ting Xuan silently went out the door, not bothering the two of them.

His handsome brows wrinkled.  No matter how hard he tried to figure out how this incident happened, he couldn’t think of a single conclusion.

“Who did the person who swapped the snake want to kill?  Very few people knew about Chen Ning being the empress, even the Eldest Princess didn’t know, so it is impossible for the people in her palace to know.  There is only one possibility, they didn’t want to harm Chen Ning, but rather the emperor! Chen Ning was just a scapegoat for the emperor!”

With this conclusion, Ye Ting Xuan felt a cold wind blow through the gate that made him tremble, as his body was covered in goosebumps.

Someone wanted to kill the emperor!

Who?  Just who was it?

The first person Ye Ting Xuan thought of was Chu Shao Yang!

This was because after Mo Chuan ascended to the throne, with his skilled governance, he won the respect of his citizens and his ministers.  There was no comparison between him and the previous emperor.

After ten years, everyone gradually forgot about the previous emperor.  They rarely mentioned him and the fact that Chu Shao Yang was the previous emperor’s son.  Mo Chuan’s throne should have been his! For so many years, he watched as someone sat in the throne that should have belonged to him, how could he not be filled with hatred?

Not to mention that other than the stealing a throne, there was also the hate of stealing a wife between Chu Shao Yang and the emperor!

If Chu Shao Yang knew that the bride was his previous Ding Yuan Princess, how could he not be filled with hatred?

It was Chu Shao Yang, it had to be Chu Shao Yang!

Ye Ting Xuan almost did not hesitate to conclude that this matter was perpetrated by Chu Shao Yang.

But thinking about it, he felt that it wasn’t right.

Chu Shao Yang was decisive and ruthless, but he was also impulsive and didn’t think this deeply.

If he wanted to take revenge on the emperor, he wouldn’t use this underhanded method.  He would choose to assassinate him or directly challenge him, he wouldn’t use this kind of method.

Secretly swapping a poisonous snake into a gift box to harm a person, this seemed more like something a woman would do.

Speaking of this, this was a prank the Eldest Princess thought of.  Although the Eldest Princess was outspoken, she was still a woman, so the pranks she thought of were not the same as men.

Could it be the one behind this was a woman?

Could it be Empress Dowager Zhou?

When this thought entered Ye Ting Xuan’s mind, he was instantly filled with a chill.

He couldn’t help looking back at Chen Ning and the emperor in the room before breaking out in a shiver.

Right, right, it was very possible Empress Dowager Zhou learned that the emperor’s bride was the Ding Yuan Princess Chen Ning, so she made this kind of deadly move!

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