Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 929

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Chapter 929: More terrifying than a beast

“Emperor, emperor!”

Xiao Si had just charged to the door.  Without even having time to open it, he quickly shouted out.


With a large sound, the two firm doors were shattered to pieces, flying away with a palm from Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan charged out of the room holding Ning’er.

Xiao Si saw that the bride in Mo Chuan’s embrace was Chen Ning with a single look.

The red wedding clothes, the snow white face, that black hair like ink.

She was this beautiful, Xiao Si had never seen anyone more beautiful than her.  However, she wasn’t moving in Mo Chuan’s embrace and her hands were hanging down, silent like she was dead.

Dead…..When this word appeared in Xiao Si’s mind, it was like he was struck by lightning.  His body became numb and his legs turned soft, not moving at all.

“Emp, emp, emperor, the empress……She…..She…..What is wrong with her?”

Xiao Si’s tongue was knotted and he kept stammering, as his heart jumped to his throat.

“Quickly call over doctor Zhang!  Immediately call over doctor Zhang!  Quickly!” Mo Chuan roared at Xiao Si.

“Yes, yes, yes, this servant will go right now…..”  Xiao Si replied, already vaguely understanding what happened.

He wanted to run off, but his legs were soft as noodles.  He was just swaying there and he couldn’t move no matter what.

“Emperor, Ting Xuan has brought the Eldest Princess to beg for forgiveness.  The Eldest Princess has been naughty and caused a great trouble, asking for the emperor’s forgiveness.”

Ye Ting Xuan’s voice arrived before he did.

He pulled the Eldest Princess through the gates of the palace and saw Mo Chuan’ss tall figure in the distance, as well as the red figure he was carrying.

Ye Ting Xuan’s heart began to pound and he felt his throat turn dry.  He was thinking that it wouldn’t really be what he thought…..

Hearing the words “Eldest Princess” was like thunderclaps on Mo Chuan’s ears, instantly waking him up.

He raised his head and his eyes were covered in blood red lines, just like a bloodthirsty beast.

He saw the Eldest Princess stumbling behind Ye Ting Xuan and she was grumbling in a dissatisfied manner.

“Ting Xuan, you’re making a small thing into a big thing.  I was just playing a joke on the emperor and Ning’er, how is it a crime?  It’s just a long reptile, royal brother wouldn’t cut off my head because of this, right?  Royal brother always loves me the most…..”

In that moment, Mo Chuan moved as fast as lightning.

Xiao Si and Ye Ting Xuan saw a red figure flash past them and following this, Ye Ting Xuan felt his hand go light as the tightly held Eldest Princess disappeared.


Ye Ting Xuan called out in surprise, noticing that Mo Chuan had grabbed her.  Mo Chuan held Chen Ning in one hand and the other hand was grabbing the Eldest Princess’ throat.  That handsome face of his was twisted and he looked at the Eldest Princess like a mortal enemy.

Those bone chilling eyes scared the Eldest Princess into uncontrollable trembling.  He was like a man eating beast that wanted to eat her alive.

No, he was simply more terrifying than a beast!

The Eldest Princess looked at Mo Chuan who seemed like a completely different person, so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

“Antidote!  Give me the antidote!”  Mo Chuan gritted his teeth and these words came out from between his teeth.

The Eldest Princess was stunned as she muttered, “What antidote?”

“The antidote for that damn poisonous snake you sent!”  Mo Chuan looked at her without turning and the flames of rage in his eyes almost burned her alive.

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