Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 928

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Chapter 928: She’s dead

“Ning’er!  Ning’er!”

Mo Chuan’s heart stopped beating and he looked at her tightly closed eyes and her hand that fell to the ground.  His ears were buzzing as his vision kept turning dark.

His shaking hand went to her nose and found that her breathing had stopped.

In that instant, his tears flowed down onto her pale as paper face.

But he didn’t feel his tears at all.  His heart was just thinking: She’s dead…..She’s dead……

He hugged her unmoving body and felt his heart become empty like nothing existed at all.

Her red dress was red like blood, lining her face that didn’t have a trace of blood, making that white face even more pale.  Her long black lashes hung down, covering her eyes that were always clear. Her lips were covered in a layer of purple, no longer being rosy red like before.

Her eyes hung down and she was silent like she was sleeping.  This was like the world’s most beautiful picture, but she would be sleeping forever in his embrace.

In the happy bridal chamber, the dragon and phoenix wedding candles still burned, but her life had already burned out.

Mo Chuan’s eyes were filled with tears and he couldn’t see her face clearly.  He suddenly raised his hand and slammed it down on the golden floor. His right hand came up again and he slammed down again and again until the golden floor shattered and his palm was covered in blood.

But he couldn’t feel the pain at all because there was a place that was a thousand times, ten thousand times more painful than his palm.

Why?  Why didn’t he make a move earlier?  Why did he have to fear this poisonous snake?

Why didn’t he stop her in time?  Why! Why!

He was filled with hatred for himself, wishing he could dig out his heart and place it in front of her to repent.  He wanted to cry, but his throat was stuffed and he couldn’t cry. Only large tears fell down one by one.


Suddenly, he let out heart rending cry like the angry roar of a beast who had lost its lover.

That sound passed through the roof and spread far out.  It made the people guarding outside the Guan Yu Palace tremble as their faces couldn’t help revealing looks of fear.

Xiao Si’s entire body twisted.  He heard the emperor’s cry and heard his voice was filled with rage, regret, and hurt.

What happened?

Just what happened inside the bridal chamber?

Something big must have happened!

Xiao Si’s heart kept pounding fast and an ominous feeling filled his heart.  He ignored the emperor’s order and rushed towards the bedroom.


That roar also reached the ears of the Eldest Princess and Ye Ting Xuan who had just rushed outside the Guan Yu Palace.  They suddenly heard this roar and Ye Ting Xuan’s face turned white. He suddenly stopped in his steps and looked at the Eldest Princess with a very nervous look.

“That is my royal brother’s voice and he is calling out Ning’er’s name.  What happened, Ting Xuan, did something happen?” The Eldest Princess was also inexplicably nervous.

“I don’t know what happened.  Eldest Princess, I hope your mischief doesn’t create a large problem, but I have a very bad feeling about this……”

Ye Ting Xuan didn’t finish.  He just shook his head and suppressed all the bad thoughts in his mind.

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