Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 930

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Chapter 930: A life for a life

“That snake?”

The Eldest Princess understood why Mo Chuan changed into a different person, it was because of that snake.

She was instantly filled with anger.  It was just a snake without any fangs, why was her royal brother this scared?  He actually looked at her like a mortal enemy and that hand held her throat to the point where she almost couldn’t breathe.

“That snake has no poison!  I’ve pulled out its fangs. Royal brother, I just wanted to scare you.  I thought you abandoned Ning’er to marry someone else, so I was filled with anger and wanted to…..”

“Give me the antidote!”  Mo Chuan roared out, cutting her off.

The Eldest Princess was stunned.  She had never seen the emperor act this fiercely with her before, she instantly called out in an aggrieved voice.

“I’ve already said it, that snake has no poison.  How can I have an antidote!”

“There’s no poison?”  Mo Chuan’s hand holding her throat slowly tightened and the Eldest Princess instantly couldn’t breathe.  Her eyes opened wide as she looked into Mo Chuan’s bloodstained cold eyes, instantly shivering from the chill.

“It was that snake you sent that bit my Ning’er to death.  She died in my embrace and you say that there is no poison?  An Le, you are my good little sister, how have I wronged you?  How has Ning’er wronged you? Why must you be this cruel! Why did you cause her to die!”

The Eldest Princess forgot the pain in her throat in her daze and she desperately shook her head as her eyes filled with disbelief.

“You, what are you saying?  Ning’er is dead? Impossible, impossible!”  She struggled to spit out each word as she looked at the tightly held girl in Mo Chuan’s embrace.

She had dark hair and a white face, looking like a picture with her wedding dress on her.  It was clear that this was Chen Ning, but she was lying in Mo Chuan’s embrace without moving.  Her chest was not rising at all, like she was sleeping.

“Ning’er, Ning’er……”  The Eldest Princess muttered.  She looked at that familiar face in a daze and her tears began to flow unknowingly.

“I want you to pay for my Ning’er’s life!”

Mo Chuan gritted his teeth and his fingers used force.  The Eldest Princess felt pain coming from her neck and her bones began to crack.

She however smiled at Mo Chuan and closed her eyes.

If Ning’er was dead because of her, she was willing to use her life to pay for it.  It was very fair, otherwise when she went to the underworld, she wouldn’t be able to face Ning’er.

“Emperor please calm down, emperor please calm down.  The Eldest Princess is innocent, Ting Xuan can testify for the princess.  She only wanted to play a joke on the emperor, she really sent a snake without any poison!”

Ye Ting Xuan saw the Mo Chuan had already lost his reasoning with his anger.  The Eldest Princess’ life was in his fingers and he was so shocked that his soul almost flew out.  He quickly kneeled down and spoke up.

“Ye Ting Xuan, are you colluding with the Eldest Princess and working with her to kill my Ning’er!”

Mo Chuan’s eyes instantly fell onto Ye Ting Xuan and the chill made his body tremble.  However, he looked up into Mo Chuan’s eyes without any fear.

“Emperor, you are wise.  Think carefully about it, this matter really wasn’t the Eldest Princess.  The Eldest Princess always loved Ning’er, how could she bear to cause Ning’er’s death with how much she loves Ning’er?  She respects you and loves you, she would never have the heart to hurt you. She didn’t know that you were marrying Ning’er, she was angry that you wronged Ning’er and wanted to take revenge on you.  She really didn’t have the heart to hurt anyone!”

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