Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 927

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Chapter 927: Ice and fire extremes

Mo Chuan threw the snake head far away and his hand was filled with cold sweat.  He reached his hand out to look at her injured finger, but he saw it become green and purple, as the blood that flowed out already turned black.

“This snake is poisonous!”  His face turned cold and his heart tensed up.

He looked down, wanting to suck out the poisoned blood in her wound without even thinking.

His lips touched the wound on her finger and he felt his lips burning.  Like it was on fire, his lips instantly turned into little bubbles.

“Mo Chuan, danger!  Don’t……Don’t suck……This poison…..is very strong…..”

Chen Ning forcefully pulled the finger away and put it behind her.

Mo Chuan was right, this snake was poisonous and it was a very strong poison.

In just an instant, she felt the entire right side of her body turning numb, like her entire arm didn’t belong to her.  The snake bit wound didn’t hurt and it was just a bit numb.

But Chen Ning knew that the stronger the snake poison was, the less sense of pain one would feel from the snake bite.  It could be seen that this snake poison was very powerful.

When Mo Chuan heard this, his face turned even paler.  How could he care about danger, he would still suck it out no matter how dangerous it was.

He didn’t say a thing as he grabbed her right hand and tightly held it in his palm, as he put his lips to it and began to suck the poison blood before spitting out.  Suck and spit until the blood was a normal red colour, only then did he finally stop.

His lips and tongue felt like they were on fire, like a piece of hot iron, losing all sensation in them.  However, he tightly held her and saw her weakly lying in his embrace. The snow white face was covered in dark colour and his heart became twisted.

“Ning’er, how are you feeling?”  He said in an unclear hoarse voice.

Chen Ning’s body turned cold and warm, her heart beat fast and slow.  Although she knew that Mo Chuan had sucked out most of the poison in her, there was still a small part that was flowing in her blood.  There was a large chance this small amount of poison would take her life.

She couldn’t help regretting her carelessness.  Why did she think that the snake was not poisonous?  She really did deserve this, even if she died, it was caused by herself.

Only this also implicated Mo Chuan.

“You…..Quickly swirl tea water in your mouth and spit out the poison…..Spit it out…..”  She was only worried about Mo Chuan. Her eyes looked at him in worry as she spoke in a weak voice.

Mo Chuan’s tears almost came out.  She was already like this and she was still thinking about him.

Although she didn’t say it, he could feel her body becoming warm and cold in his embrace.  She would be covered in sweat before she began shivering. Even he could feel how much discomfort she felt while hugging her.  She was stuck between extremes of ice and fire, it must be incredibly uncomfortable.

“Quickly…..Quickly gargle your mouth…..”  Chen Ning said while struggling.

She could now feel her tongue turning numb.  She believed that the snake poison had entered her entire body and soon she wouldn’t even be able to move.

“If you die, I won’t live, would I care about this little bit of poison?”  He looked at her with blood red eyes. Seeing her lips turn purple, his body felt like he had entered an ice spring and he began to tremble.

“Mo……Chuan……You……”  Her heart was beating fast, but suddenly the poison came up and everything became dark.  She didn’t know what happened after this.

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