Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 926

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Chapter 926: Don’t be afraid

The Eldest Princess became even more timid as she lowered her head and said, “Of course I know my royal brother is afraid of snakes, I was just angry that he was so ruthless that I wanted to scare him a bit.  Don’t be angry, I just wanted to scare him, so I sent people to take out the snake’s fangs. There is no poison, it won’t hurt anyone……I didn’t know that he was marrying Ning’er, if I knew, I definitely wouldn’t have done it.”

Ye Ting Xuan’s heart in his throat fell back into his chest.  He glared at the Eldest Princess, “It isn’t good even if you took out its fangs.  If the emperor is scared, how will he go into the nuptial chambers!”

He grabbed the Eldest Princess’ wrist, “Come with me to the bridal chamber right now and admit your mistakes to the emperor and empress.  I hope they haven’t opened your present yet and we still have time to stop them.”


Chen Ning’s finger had just touched the lid and before she had time to open it, the lid suddenly jumped up, scaring her.

Following this, a dark triangular thing covered in scales came out of the present box.  The bean like eyes flashed a cold glow and it let out long “si, si” sounds.

It was actually a black and white giant snake.  The head was triangular and it was clearly poisonous!

“Ning’er, be careful!”

Mo Chuan’s pupils instantly shrank.  Seeing this poisonous snake, his breathing stopped and his limbs went numb.

In this world, he feared nothing except a single being which was a snake!

When he saw that cold and slippery creature, his heart turned cold, but he immediately thought that she was in danger!

His face was as pale as paper.  Although he was scared, he didn’t hesitate to grab her hand and prepare to pull her far away.

Chen Ning however giggled and dodged his hand, rather moving within seven inches of the snake.

She saw that he was afraid of the snake with one look, so she wanted to catch it and scare him with it.

The present sent by the Eldest Princess, how could it be dangerous?  It seems like it was poisonous, but it must have been defanged.

“Ning’er, you…..quickly let go!  That snake is poisonous!” Mo Chuan saw her grab the snake and shake it towards him.  It scared him so much that his heart almost shattered.

How could she be so bold!  She, she, did she not want her life?

“Hee, hee, Mo Chuan, I never thought you would be scared of such a small reptile.  Good, good, I’ll immediately throw it away, don’t be afraid.” She revealed a charming smile and talked to him like coaxing a child.

Mo Chuan broke out in a nervous sweat.

Chen Ning giggled as she placed the poisonous snake into the box.  When she was about to put the lid on, she felt a numbing sensation coming from her finger.  She looked down and saw the snake biting a finger on her right hand, with blood coming out.

She couldn’t help being stunned.  Wasn’t this snake defanged? Why could it bite people?”

She saw a white flash of light and blood splatter out as the snake head separated from its body.  The snake head still bit Chen Ning’s hand without letting go and the snake body fell to the floor, squirming and twisting.

When Mo Chuan was filled with anxiety, he grabbed the candle to the side and split the snake in half.

“Ning’er, how are you?”

He saw the triangular snake head still biting her finger with blood filling its mouth.  His heart was beating fast, almost jumping out of his chest.

Although he was filled with fear, he still had some courage.  He grabbed the ice cold snake head and pulled it off her finger.

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