Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 921

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Chapter 921: Just like a dream

Mo Chuan said with a serious face, “I wanted to see what you would do alone, I never thought that you would have this much fun playing.  What, you’re this happy thinking that I’m not here? Did you forget what today is and what kind of place we’re in?”

Chen Ning giggled, “Emperor please calm yourself, your wife has misspoke.  I ask for the emperor’s forgiveness.”

Her crisp laughter instantly relieved the tension between the two of them.

Not only was she nervous, even Mo Chuan was nervous, but he didn’t want to let her see that he was nervous.

He smiled as he put her down.  Looking at her snow white feet, his heart skipped a beat.  He knelt down and picked up one of her feet.

“So itchy.  Mo Chuan, what do you want to do?”  She was nervous again. She wanted to take back her foot, but he tightly held it.

“What do you think I’m doing, un?”  Mo Chuan looked up and gave her an evil smile.  The smile made her face turn red, but she saw him pick up the shoe and putting it on for her before standing up.  He pulled her up over to a sandalwood table on the side.

There were various fresh fruits, candied fruits, desserts, as well as two cups of red wine.  That was the wedding wine the maids prepared for them to cross cups with.

“Ning’er, let’s cross cups.”

Mo Chuan didn’t like liveliness, so he drove everyone out, even the maids.  However, he firmly remembered every single procedure, not forgetting a single one.

Chen Ning’s face turned red again.  She suddenly thought of when they were in the farmhouse and how they had crossed cups.

He wouldn’t play another trick this time, right?

Mo Chuan crossed arms with her in a disciplined manner, drinking all the wine in the cup.  The wine was fragrant and sweet, directly going into her heart.

After crossing cups, he pressed her down in the chair.  She looked over at him, not knowing what trick he wanted to play this time.

Mo Chuan didn’t play any tricks, he picked up the scale arm on the table and slowly removed the veil for her.  When he took off the veil, his hand slightly trembled from the excitement and his breathing stopped.

He was excited and nervous, looking at her without turning at all.

Chen Ning felt light appearing in front of her eyes as the red veil was removed from in front of her face.  She looked up and saw those eyes that were more intoxicating than wine. He was staring at her in a mesmerized manner, looking like he was stunned.

She revealed a smile without knowing why and her eyes that were brighter than spring water rippled, revealing a faint dimple on her cheek.  That smile made the room become warm and bright.

Mo Chuan looked at her smile without turning and couldn’t help smiling with her.

The two of each other looked at each other with smiles, having a kind of dream like feeling.

They had crossed cups and taken off the veil, now it was just the nuptial chamber that was left.

But it was still early.  Although there were two arm width dragon and phoenix wedding candles lit in the room, they could burn to the very next day.  It was still daytime and going to the nuptial chambers during the day……It didn’t seem too appropriate.

According to normal wedding tradition, now should be the time the groom went to entertain the guest while the bride was in the bridal room, making it as lively as possible.  However, Mo Chuan was the emperor, no one could force him to entertain the guests and no one dared to make his bridal chamber lively because he didn’t like it!

“Mo Chuan, you…..Don’t you need to go and drink with your ministers?”  Chen Ning remembered that traditions were like this.

“I’m not going, I want to stay here and…..drink with you.”  Mo Chuan looked at her and slowly held her hand.

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