Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 920

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Chapter 920: Is it fun

“Emperor, do you need these servants to help the empress with her bath?”  An old maid wearing red clothes carefully asked.

“No need, all of you can leave.”

Mo Chuan waited for all the servants to leave the bridal chamber before softly putting Chen Ning down.  He turned to close the door and turned back to look at the slender girl waiting in the room.

This was the bed room of the Guan Yu Palace.

It was not magnificent, but elegant and comfortable.  The solid brick floors were covered in a rich carpet and red drapes hung on the sides of the bed.

At the foot of the bed, there were a pair of auspicious candles.  A dragon and phoenix wedding candle burned high up, filling the room with light.

Mo Chuan’s breath froze and he silently looked at her.  For a moment, it was like being in a dream.

Chen Ning waited for a while and didn’t hear Mo Chuan speak.  The room was silent, like there was no one there.

She impatiently moved her foot and her foot went down like she was stepping on a thick cloud.  Her head was covered in a red cloth and she couldn’t see where she was, she could only smell the faint scent coming into her nose.

“Mo Chuan.”  She called in a soft voice, a bit uncertain if he was still in the room.

She didn’t hear him respond.

He wouldn’t have thrown her into the bridal chamber and gone out to toast the guests, right?

If it was like this, she could only let out a sigh.

“Mo Chuan, are you there?”  She tried calling again, but no one answered still.

Chen Ning revealed a relaxed smile under her red cloth.

He really did leave.

She patted her chest and let out a long sigh of relief.

Although this was her dream, thinking of being alone with him and what would happen next, she couldn’t help becoming nervous.  Now that he left, she could secretly relax for a bit. It would come eventually, but the later it came the better.

Chen Ning didn’t take off the red cloth because Su Jin had told her that only Mo Chuan could personally take it off her for.  But this was a thick red cloth and she was feeling a bit stuffy.

She could see the thick carpet under her foot from the bottom of the veil.  She stood up and took off her shoes. Her two bare snow white feet walked across the soft carpet and the soft fur touched the bottom of her foot, feeling very comfortable.

“Is it fun?”

Suddenly a low voice rang in her ears that was just above her head.  While at the same time, there were a pair of boots that appeared beside her foot at the bottom of the red veil, a pair of boots embroidered with golden dragons.

“Mo Chuan, why are you still here?”

She was suddenly surprised before she went into the air, once again lifted by him.  She instinctively reached her hands around the back of his neck and made an “ah” sound.

“This is our bridal chamber, where do you want me to go?”  Mo Chuan’s laughing voice rang in her ears.

Although there was a thick red veil, the heat from his breath came in and fell onto her ears, making her body tremble.

She shrank her neck and tightly pressed against his chest.  She felt more heat coming from his body passing through the veil and it made her face begin to burn.

“You were clearly in the room, why didn’t you say anything?  Did you want to scare me?”

Her body was tense and nervous, deliberately rebuking him in a blaming tone.

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