Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 922

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Chapter 922: Continue enduring

Chen Ning’s face turned red and she looked down.  Her long lashes blinked as she muttered in her heart.

He clearly knew her alcohol tolerance wasn’t good and still wanted to drink with her.  Did he want to get her drunk? Actually he didn’t need to get her drunk at all. During the entire wedding ceremony, she felt like she was drunk the entire time.

Mo Chuan saw her usual calm self become like this, looking all shy.

Knowing that she was more nervous than him, he couldn’t help smiling.

This girl that didn’t fear the heaven and earth finally had a day she was nervous?

Last time they got married in the farmhouse, she simply scared him.

She seemed to know everything, making him feel helpless, not even knowing what to do with her.

The current her seemed like how a real bride should be.

But he didn’t care what kind of she was, he liked all of her!

He poured two cups of wine and gave one to her.  He looked at her with a smile, “This wine is a sweet fruit wine, you won’t get drunk so you can drink a few more cups.”

“Un.”  She was feeling thirsty because of how nervous she was, so she drank it in one breath.  It was cool and sweet, as well bringing a rich fruity fragrance, it was very delicious.

She felt the wine cup was too small and took the jug to pour another cup into a teacup which she drank in one breath again.  She felt it was more and more delicious, so she went for a third cup.

“You can’t drink more, you’ll get drunk.”

Mo Chuan suddenly placed his hand on the back of her hand and took the teacup.

She looked up at him with her beautiful eyes.

The drunkenness came out, “Didn’t you say that I wouldn’t get drunk drinking this wine?  Petty, you can’t bear to give me more after I only drank two cups?”

He smiled as he tapped her nose, “How could I know you would drink like this.  You want to get yourself drunk and then fall asleep without other people knowing?  I won’t allow it! Tonight is our nuptial chamber, I don’t want to go into bed with a drunken bride.”

“Who will go into your bed!”

Chen Ning’s face was red again.  Hearing the words “going into bed”, her mind suddenly twisted again.  An ancient person like him was just talking about going to bed, but she couldn’t help her mind going wild.

Mo Chuan smiled.  He liked her red faced appearance, so he deliberately teased her, “We can just not go to bed, how about we go sleep on the carpet?  I can see that you like this carpet.”

He thought of when she placed her bare feet onto the carpet, looking very happy and his heart skipped a beat.

“Mo Chuan, if you keep speaking nonsense, I won’t talk to you.”  She said in an annoyed voice.

He smiled as he looked at her embarrassed face.  He really wanted to hold her in his embrace and kiss her, but he didn’t dare.

That was because he knew that if he approached her, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.  Even talking to her like this, sitting across from each other, his mind kept wandering and thinking about it.

He couldn’t help looking out the window, wondering why it couldn’t get dark already!

Although he had expressed his will of not wanting people in his nuptial chamber, there were always exceptions.  His heart was still hanging in his throat and as long as they didn’t become real husband and wife, he was always worried that someone would come and take her away!

He really wanted her now!

But before he was married, the nuptial chamber guiding maids admonished him many times that the ceremony between husband and wife had to be done after dark.  It was immoral to do this kind of thing in the day and others would laugh at him.

Alright, he would endure, he would keep enduring!

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