Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 917

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Chapter 917: Incompatible

The Eldest Princess’ marriage was also something Empress Dowager Zhou worried about.  She knew that her daughter had a personality like a man and there weren’t many men who would enter her eyes.  But no one would have thought that the Eldest Princess skilled in martial arts and had a fiery personality would fall for Ye Ting Xuan who didn’t know martial arts at all and had a cold personality.

They were like fire and ice, completely incompatible.

The Eldest Princess was obsessed with Ye Ting Xuan before, but he wasn’t moved at all.  Empress Dowager Zhou saw all of this and although she felt pain for her daughter, she didn’t try to unite them because in her eyes, Ye Ting Xuan wasn’t a match for her daughter at all.

It wasn’t that Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t like Ye Ting Xuan, naturally she knew that Ye Ting Xuan was outstanding.  She was worried that Ye Ting Xuan was a weak scholar and with the Eldest Princess’ strong personality and martial arts, even if the two were to marry, the Eldest Princess would oppress her husband.

It was fine if Ye Ting Xuan was a commoner, but he had to be the beloved son of Marquis Xuan Wu.  If her daughter bullied his son, she wouldn’t be able to explain it to the Xuan Wu Manor.

She thought that the Eldest Princess wouldn’t love Ye Ting Xuan for long and would give up after she couldn’t get him.  She never thought the Eldest Princess would chase Ye Ting Xuan for three years and still wouldn’t give up on him. But the Eldest Princess and Ye Ting Xuan still avoided each other which filled Empress Dowager Zhou with anxiety.

Her daughter was growing up each day and if it was delayed any longer, she would be an old lady who couldn’t be married.

Fine, fine, fine.  Since Ye Ting Xuan was picked by her, she as the mother could only follow her daughter’s thoughts.

So Empress Dowager Zhou summoned Ye Ting Xuan into the palace.  She had an open and honest talk with him, wanting to understand his thoughts for her daughter, but the long talk had left her disappointed.

She found that Ye Ting Xuan had no ideas for the Eldest Princess at all!

Since it was like this, she had to find another good choice for her daughter.

Who would have thought that things would never turn out as he expected.  In almost a single night, Ye Ting Xuan’s attitude changed and he accepted the Eldest Princess.  He also accepted the emperor’s arrangements and would be wed three months from now.

This sudden change caught Empress Dowager Zhou unprepared and filled her with disbelief.

Not long ago, Ye Ting Xuan’s attitude was still cold and firm.  He was suddenly willing to marry the Eldest Princess, the reason was actually very interesting.

Although the Eldest Princess and Ye Ting Xuan had become a couple, Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart still hung in the air for her beloved daughter.  She was always silently watching Ye Ting Xuan, seeing what this brat had and if he was tricking her daughter or not.

In front of people or not, Ye Ting Xuan’s actions never made a single mistake.

Although he was not an official minister, he had won the trust of the emperor.  He could casually enter the court and he could speak freely. He was talented and proficient in four different languages, reading modern and ancient texts.  He was very knowledgeable about the West Chu Country, even the scholars of the Han Lin Academy couldn’t compare to him.

He was also born with a great appearance!

He was a beautiful youth who seemed like he came out of a painting, always having elegance and radiance.

He spoke with elegance and politeness, never saying anything bad about others.  When anyone mentioned Ye Ting Xuan, they would all raise their thumbs and never said anything bad about him.

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