Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 918

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Chapter 918: Perfect without flaws

But the more it was like this, the more worried Empress Dowager Zhou was.

It had to be known that no one was perfect.  Even her favourite son Mo Chuan had some flaws that couldn’t be ignored.

But as for Ye Ting Xuan, he was perfect like fine porcelain, not a single fault to be found.

How could there be such a perfect person in the world?

Empress Dowager Zhou did not believe it.

Especially with Ye Ting Xuan attitude towards the Eldest Princess.  He was always so tepid and aloof.

He would frequently be with the Eldest Princess, but Empress Dowager Zhou had never seen them act intimately.  Although young people should keep their hands off, they were already an engaged couple. Even if he held her hand or hugged her, it would be a very normal action.

Empress Dowager Zhou was worried that they would come together before the ceremony, but Empress Dowager Zhou found were worries were superfluous.

Ye Tian Xie was just like a man made of stone, not having any emotions at all.  The Eldest Princess had an even more casual stance. She thought that after they were married, they would never leave each other and had already treated Ye Ting Xuan like her husband.  She didn’t know how to take their relationship to a deeper level at all.

Seeing Ye Ting Xuan being this intimate with her daughter in front of everyone in this wedding hall, it was clear that he already had a deep love for the Eldest Princess.  This filled Empress Dowager Zhou with joy.

The stone in her heart had finally fallen down.

“Ai, this widow seems to have drunk too much wine.  Su Jin, help this widow back to rest. If this widow keeps drinking, this widow will become drunk.”

Empress Dowager Zhou stood up holding Su Jin’s hand, smiling as she looked at the two kissing once again.

“I’m afraid the Empress Dowager is not drunk from the wine, but rather from her emotions.”  Su Jin pursed her lips into a smile as she whispered this.

“You maid, you’re getting more and more bold.  If you keep acting this audaciously, this widow will find someone for you and marry you off!”  Empress Dowager Zhou angrily glared at her.

Su Jin was scared and quickly said, “Empress Dowager, this servant is too old.  For young people things like marrying people, this servant can’t take it anymore.”

“Old?”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked down and saw that Su Jin already had several white hairs.  She suddenly gave a sigh, “That’s right, your hair is already white. It was this widow who took your springtime, making you stay with this widow.  After all these years, do you resent this widow?” She said in a low voice.

“What is the Empress Dowager saying?  This servant is not willing to marry, this servant is willing to stay with the Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin fearfully said.

Empress Dowager Zhou nodded.  She felt that she had said a bit too much today, she might really be drunk, saying all these truthful words.

Holding Su Jin’s hand, she slowly left the wedding hall.

The ministers all felt they couldn’t stay.  The Empress Dowager had already left, so they all silently walked out.

Like this, one minister after another left.

Not long after, there was only the Eldest Princess and Ye Ting Xuan left in the large wedding hall.

Ye Ting Xuan’s face was red as he removed his lips from the Eldest Princess’ lips.  After letting out a sigh of relief, the Eldest Princess’ hands came around his neck and looked at him with big eyes.

“Ting Xuan, I still want you to kiss me like you did just now!”  Her lips were bright red from the kiss and her large eyes were watery.

Moreover, she didn’t care that all the guests in the wedding hall were gone.  Even if they didn’t leave, she wouldn’t have cared at all with her character.

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