Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 916

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Chapter 916: This is not an illusion

The Eldest Princess however pushed him away and angrily glared at him.  Her chest kept rising and falling, just like an angry little beast.

“I won’t listen to a single word you men say, I won’t believe a single word!  Ning’er believed the sweet words of my royal brother like this and she was married off to that East Qin Country that isn’t even worth rabbit shit, marrying that East Qin Crown Prince who is like a giant ox.  As for my royal brother? He forgot Ning’er in the blink of an eye and betrayed his oath. Now he is married to someone new, losing himself in the joy of his new love…..He has wronged Ning’er!”

“Shh, princess, can you not mention the words ‘Ning’er’?  Do you want to make this fact known to everyone? The Empress Dowager is already looking over at you.”

Ye Ting Xuan anxiously wanted to cover the Eldest Princess’ mouth, but she quickly dodged him.

She angrily said, “I want everyone to know this.  I want to tell everyone and I want everyone to discuss this. I want them to see if they think what the emperor did was right or wrong!”

“Princess!”  Ye Ting Xuan directly stomps his foot.  He already knew about the princess’ temper that didn’t fear heaven and earth, she really could tell everyone about the matter between the emperor and Chen Ning.

In a rush, he suddenly leaned over and before the Eldest Princess had time to speak, he placed his lips over her lips.

In the wedding hall, the red candles shine brightly and the guests filled with hall, filling it with laughter.

The Eldest Princess felt something soft placed against her lips.  Her eyes opened wide and she saw Ye Ting Xuan’s magnified handsome face in front fo her.

His white as jade face was pure red and his long lashes were trembling.  His bright black eyes were looking at her without turning at all, as they filled with shyness, panic, and distress.

Ye Ting Xuan really had no other choice, so he thought of this method that wasn’t really a method.

He never had experience kissing a woman before, so he could only press his lips tightly against hers, not letting her speak at all.  As for anything else, he didn’t know anything at all.

Even if it was like this, the strange feeling from his lips had already turned his face bright red and his heart was beating fast.  Especially so in this scenario where they were in front of everyone, he could feel that everyone was looking over at him and the Eldest Princess.  He was embarrassed and distressed, but he did not dare let the Eldest Princess go.

If he didn’t let go of the Eldest Princess, the Eldest Princess would not push him away.  This was her first time being kissed by someone and although it was just a touching of lips, her heart was completely shaken.  The anger and grievance in her chest had already been thrown away and she was filled with pleasant surprise. She wished that Ye Ting Xuan could keep kissing her, never letting go.

The laughing in the wedding hall suddenly disappeared.

Everyone’s eyes fell onto the two of them.

Many ministers had wide open mouths which were large enough to fill meatballs in.

There were some ministers who felt they were dizzy and thought their eyes were making a mistake, so they came to look closely.  When they found that it wasn’t an illusion, their old faces became hot and they quickly left.


Su Jin had been focused on helping Empress Dowager Zhou getting dishes when she suddenly found that the noisy wedding hall had become quiet.  She felt it was strange and she looked up, instantly causing her face to become red in embarrassment and she quickly looked away. However, there was a faint smile on her face, secretly feeling happy for the two of them.

Empress Dowager Zhou saw this scene a long time ago.  Although she felt it was a bit inappropriate for the Eldest Princess and her future husband to be this affectionate in public, her heart was filled with excitement and she didn’t make a single sound to stop them.

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