Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 915

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Chapter 915: Itchy skin, looking to be beaten

“Princess, don’t you love wine the most?  Normally I advise you to drink less, but today is the emperor’s wedding day.  This wedding wine is hard to come by, aren’t you going to take a drink? How about Ting Xuan drink a few cups with you?”

The others didn’t notice the strangeness with the Eldest Princess, but Ye Ting Xuan always paid attention to the Eldest Princess.  He drank a few cups with the ministers around him and he turned back to find that the Eldest Princess’ cup was still full, not a single drop was missing.

He revealed a faint smile as he already guessed the reason.  He raised the wine cup and moved it to the Eldest Princess’ lip.

The Eldest Princess glared at him and angrily said, “This princess won’t drink!  I’m already filled with anger, how can I still drink this wine!”

Ye Ting Xuan said with a smile, “Princess, the emperor has gotten married, you should be happy for the emperor as his little sister.  Why are you this angry?”

“Humph, you clearly know yet you still ask.  You clearly know why this princess is this angry!”  The Eldest Princess looked at Ye Ting Xuan’s smiling face and her anger came out.

“I know.  The Eldest Princess is angry that I’m drinking with others and not drinking with the princess, right?  How about this, I will go all out with the princess and we won’t leave until we’re drunk, what do you think?”  It was like Ye Ting Xuan was in a very good mood. That face that was like a painting was filled with a smile and his eyes were shining bright.

The Eldest Princess’ anger came out and she suddenly slapped the table as she shouted, “I think you’re skin is itchy, you’re looking for a beating!”

Her slap scared everyone around them and they all looked over to her table.

Ye Ting Xuan said with a smile, “The Eldest Princess is unhappy that I’m only drinking with you all and not drinking with her.”

Everyone instantly calmed down.  They smiled as they told husband Ye to drink a few cups with the Eldest Princess before looking away.

They all saw that the Eldest Princess had a black face and who didn’t know the Eldest Princess’ temper.  Once she was angry, no matter what she did would take people’s lives. There was only husband Ye who could placate her, so they didn’t have the ability to provoke the Eldest Princess.

“Princess, are you angry at the emperor?”  Ye Ting Xuan saw that they weren’t looking at them, so he suddenly moved beside the Eldest Princess and whispered into her ear.

“This princess is angry at him…..I really am……He actually acted that intimate with his bride in front of everyone!  He has only known her for three days, yet he cares about her and protects her that much, even holding her with such delight!  He is too heartless, he has completely forgotten about Ning’er. He forgets about the past with a new person, none of you men are a good thing!”

The Eldest Princess became more angry the more she spoke, so angry that her tears came out and her throat choked up.  She used the back of her had to wipe the tears, but there were more and more that came out.

When she thought of Chen Ning, her heart was filled with an unspeakable pain.  She felt it was unfair for Chen Ning and she kept complaining that her royal brother was heartless…..

The others saw that she was scolding husband Ye and even cursing, “None of you men are a good thing!”

They couldn’t help shrinking back their necks and walking away, looking for other ministers to drink with.  They were afraid that if they were a step late, they would be locked onto by the Eldest Princess and scolded by her.

It had to be known that they were all men and were called “bad things” by the Eldest Princess.

Ye Ting Xuan saw the Eldest Princess crying like a child and he felt pain and he felt this was funny.  Since they were out in public, he reached out to hold her and wiped her tears.

“My princess, don’t cry.  I’ll tell you a secret.” He placed his lips beside the Eldest Princess’ ear and as he whispered.

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