Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 914

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Chapter 914: Not letting him feel regret for life

His words came from his heart, but Chu Shao Yang didn’t hear anything at all as his rage had already made him lose his rationality.

Seeing Chu Shao Bai insist on blocking him, Chu Shao Yang raised his right hand and coldly said, “If you don’t move, I will kill you with one palm.”

“Third brother, if you can make this move, then just kill me.  This little brother definitely will not let you go today.” Chu Shao Bai raised his chest.

“Very good!”

Chu Shao Yang did not waste words as he sent a palm out at Chu Shao Bai’s chest.


That palm landed right on Chu Shao Bai’s chest, he didn’t dodge at all.  He spat out a mouthful of blood and his face instantly turned pale.

“I only used 30% of my strength.  If you don’t let move aside, I will use 100% with my next attack and break your bones!”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort.

“I won’t move.  Third brother, keep attacking.”  Chu Shao Bai still shook his head.

Chu Shao Yang stared at him, “Shao Bai, are you a fool?  I am not harming her, I just want to steal her back from that man’s side!  She isn’t anyone to you, is it worth throwing away your life for her?”

“I don’t know if it is worth it or not, I only know that I can’t let you make a mistake, doing something that you will regret your entire life!”  Chu Shao Bai felt pain in his chest and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Although this palm didn’t harm him, it did hurt his lungs and made him suffer not light internal injuries.

“Third brother, I’m doing this for you.  Whether she is Ning’er or not, you can’t go.  If she really is Ning’er, if you steal her back, she will hate you for the rest of her life!  If she isn’t Ning’er, will the emperor spare you? So, third brother, wake up, you really can’t go.  You’ve already lost her once, do you want to lose her a second time?” Chu Shao Bai did all he could to wake him up.

But Chu Shao Yang’s heart was filled with rage and jealousy, he didn’t want to hear a single one of Chu Shao Bai’s honest words.

“Alright, you won’t move, I’ll just kill you first!”  Chu Shao Yang didn’t want to speak, he really used all his strength and sent a palm at Chu Shao Bai’s chest.

Before this palm even hit, the wind already made it so Chu Shao Bai couldn’t breath.

He knew that his third brother was using a killing move this time, he really couldn’t wake him up.

Since it was like this, he wouldn’t just wait to die.

His body suddenly swayed and he dodged behind Chu Shao Yang.  He raised his right finger and poked Chu Shao Yang’s back as fast as lightning.

Chu Shao Yang didn’t have time to defend, how could he have thought that Chu Shao Bai would suddenly sneak attack him.  His acupuncture point was poked and he couldn’t move at all.

“Chu Shao Bai, you bastard, let me go!  You…..” He roared out in rage. He had only shouted twice before his head was poked and his acupuncture point was poked, not being able to speak at all.

He was filled with rage as he glared at Chu Shao Bai, wishing he could dig two holes in his face.

“Third brother, your little brother had no other choice.  No matter what, your little brother can’t let you disrupt the emperor and…..the empress’ beautiful marriage.”

Chu Shao Bai placed Chu Shao Yang on his back and returned to the wedding hall.  He apologized to Empress Dowager Zhou, saying that his third brother lost consciousness from being drunk, so he wanted to send his third brother back.

Naturally Empress Dowager Zhou agreed.

The ministers couldn’t see Chu Shao Yang make a fool of himself, so they were feeling disappointed, but they threw this matter to the side and continued to have fun.

The Eldest Princess sat at the table, but didn’t take a single sip of the wine.

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