Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 913

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Chapter 913: He didn’t have the qualification

Chu Shao Bai was happy for them, but his heart was filled with sadness and pain.  Unknowingly, the corners of his eyes became wet.

He silently raised a cup of wine and drank it.

This was her wedding wine, he had to drink it.  It was incredibly bitter to drink, but he still forced it down.

He felt the wedding hall was too noisy and it made him want to leave, but he couldn’t bear leaving because he knew that she was still in the royal palace.  If he left, he would go further and further away from her. There was a faint hope in his heart, a hope of wanting to see her again, even if it was the hem of her clothes.

When Chu Shao Yang smashed the cup, he finally woke up.

He suddenly thought that if he could recognize her, with how long third brother has been with her, how could he not recognize her?

Not to mention the fact that third brother had brought her blood related little sister, Chen Bi Yun?

There was only one thought in his mind!  He couldn’t let his third brother ruin her wedding and enter her nuptial chambers no matter what!

He definitely could not let anyone disrupt her!

“Third brother, you really want to go to the nuptial chambers to confirm this?”  Chu Shao Bai said with a deep breath.

“Of course.  I know without even confirming it, she is Ning’er!  I want to bring her away, she is mine!” Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth and they began to creak.

“But third brother, she already isn’t your princess, there isn’t anything between you two.  From that day forth, the two of you separated and were completely unrelated. Even if she really is Ning’er, you don’t have any qualifications to take her away because she is free.  She can marry whoever she wants to marry, how can you take her away?”


Like a bucket of water falling over him, Chu Shao Yang was stunned by this question and couldn’t respond.

That’s right, what qualification did he have to take her away?

She already wasn’t his princess.

He…..had already been divorced by her!

But did he have to let someone else take her away from him like this?

When he thought of her wearing the large red dress, lying on someone else’s bed, looking as beautiful as a begonia, waiting for another man to take her, his heart was filled with flames of rage.  He was so angry, he wanted to kill someone!

“But they tricked me, they tricked everyone!  I, Chu Shao Yang am not that easy to bully! They treated me like a fool!  I am not willing, I am not willing!” Chu Shao Yang forcefully pushed Chu Shao Bai away and quickly charged towards the royal harem.

“Third brother, what are you doing?  You haven’t been summoned to the royal harem and outsiders aren’t allowed in!”  Chu Shao Bai quickly moved in front of him.

“This king doesn’t care!  Chu Shao Bai, if you’re still my blood related little brother, if there is the same blood flowing in your veins as in mine, then you’ll move aside for me!  Don’t block this king! Otherwise, this king won’t have a little brother like you!” Chu Shao Yang coldly said.

“This little brother can’t let you keep making mistakes.  Third brother, wake up, you already have Chen Bi Yun right now and she has your child in her stomach, what is there not to be satisfied with?  Why do you keep chasing after things you can’t obtain? Could it be that you haven’t had enough after harming Ning’er again and again? Even if she really is Ning’er, this is her choice!  If you truly love her, you should support her and not continue harming her, making her feel pain!”

Chu Shao Bai took a deep breath and firmly looked at Chu Shao Yang.  He looked into those eyes that had turned wild from his rage.

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