Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 910

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Chapter 910: Seeing him embarrass himself

While the guests were talking to each other and laughing with each other, suddenly, a wine cup was slammed onto the golden bricked floor.  It shattered to pieces and scattered wine in all directions.

“What is it?  What is going on?”

“Which servant is this daring to smash the wine cup?”

No one thought that someone would actually make such a mistake in the emperor’s wedding hall, so they all looked over.

They saw Chu Shao Yang standing up from his table, with his tall and handsome figures standing tall among the crowd.

His eyes were dark as he looked at Empress Dowager Zhou sitting high above.  He raised his voice as he spoke.

“Empress Dowager, the emperor has entered the bridal chamber for this long.  This ministers wants to enter the nuptial chamber, I ask for the Empress Dowager’s permission!”

En, en, enter…..the nuptial chambers?

The guests all looked at Chu Shao Yang, thinking that this King Ding Yuan was truly bold.  You actually want to enter the emperor’s nuptial chambers? You aren’t afraid of losing your head?

But thinking about it, of course he wasn’t afraid!

Just based on the fact that he was the previous emperor’s son and he was the emperor’s nephew, he and the emperor were intricately related!

The emperor can cut off anyone’s head, he definitely could not cut off Chu Shao Yang’s head!

The wine cup Empress Dowager Zhou raised to her lips stopped and she was stunned.  Then she said with a smile, “Shao Yang, the emperor likes peace and doesn’t like noise.  Today is his wedding day, he can do what he wants, this widow doesn’t want the emperor to be unhappy.  If you like liveliness, isn’t it lively enough now? All of you only needs to care about drinking. Come, everyone offer a toast to King Ding Yuan.  Bless him with a happy like and a loving life with his consort!”

These casual words from her solved the awkward mood.

Which minister dared to ignore the Empress Dowager’s orders?

So they all had smiles as they surrounded Chu Shao Yang, raising cups of wine at him.

Chu Shao Yang didn’t give up and toasted with everyone around him.  Even with his deep internal strength, he couldn’t drink several cups of wine at once, so he instantly became drunk.  His handsome face became red with drunkenness and he couldn’t speak clearly.

No matter who came forward, he didn’t even look as he drank a cup.

The ministers all understood the Empress Dowager’s meaning.  The emperor didn’t like liveliness and didn’t like people entering his nuptial chambers, so if any of them dared enter the emperor’s nuptial chambers, the emperor would be very, very unhappy.

This King Ding Yuan was a good example, the Empress Dowager was killing a chicken to show the monkey.

He wanted to enter the nuptial chamber, so the Empress Dowager would deal him a blow, making him so drunk he couldn’t stand up.  She wanted to see how he entered the nuptial chambers!

Chu Shao Yang was completely drunk.  He took a cup of wine and poured it into his nose, causing his tears to start flowing.

Everyone began to laugh.

“Ha, ha, King Ding Yuan is drunk!”

“I think he’s pretending.  Your highness, this minister offers you another toast!”

Everyone laughed as they continued to toast him.  Naturally they didn’t have good intentions, they wanted to make Chu Shao Yang drunk and see him embarrass himself.  How interesting this was!

This was already not Chu Shao Yang’s first time embarrassing himself in front of everyone.  In everyone’s eyes, Chu Shao Yang was no longer the cold and arrogant King Ding Yuan, he had already become the joke of the capital city.  He had become the topic the citizens talked about after their meals!

Although Chu Shao Yang was drunk, he could sense everyone’s bad intentions, but his brain didn’t care at all.  His eyes were completely red as he welcomed everyone who came forward to toast him.

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